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December Newsletter

Linn Trade-up 10% Winter Discount

Trade-in any music player between 1st December 2015 and 31st January 2016 , and get a 10% discount on any Linn DS product.  With 11 DS and DSM models to choose from, there’s a player to suit everyone. Go on, treat yourself to exceptional sound this season.

See our Linn Offers page for more details

Your Music Server affects the Sound Quality when Digital Streaming Music…

Oh yes it does! …and we can demonstrate it. Come and hear the difference our new Melco Server makes to the playback quality. This Music server has a dedicated port to connect the main streaming player to, which filters the non-music traffic from the player, guarantees an even stream of packets in the correct order, and as a result reduces the jitter experienced by the DAC in the player. – Quite simply it makes everything sound better – but don’t take our word for it, come and hear for yourselves at our Mince Pies Music and Movies event on the 17th December.

Buy the Melco N1A Music Server, available now from our Webstore

This is now our reference music server for all of our demonstrations, so if you can’t make it on the 17th,  contact us to arrange a personal demonstration.

Mince Pies, Music and Movies 17th Dec.

Come for an evening of Mulled Wine, Mince Pies and superb Music and Movie Clips. We will be playing music from Vinyl and Digital Streaming in Studio Master Resolution as part of our celebrations for the festive season. Details are on our website.

Download Linn’s 24 Bits of Christmas

Get in the Christmas mood with free Studio Master downloads – the highest quality available anywhere.

Each week in December, Linn is giving away a different collection of stunning, hand-picked Studio Master tracks from Linn Records’ diverse and talented roster of artists. More information is available on our website