Featured Product of the week: DALI Epicon 2 speakers

Just when you thought that you knew what would create the best sound in a particular size of loudspeaker, along comes a manufacturer with a new development that shakes things up: Enter the DALI Epicon 2. This little powerhouse of a speaker is simply sublime in all aspects. Aesthetically DALI have done an awesome job, with a finish that would grace the best of french polishers’ households. Magnetic clamps for the front grille means there are no unsightly holes or studs, and it’s curvy side profile looks pure thoroughbred.

Buried inside it though is the secret ingredients: DALI’s new Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) material. This makes the behaviour of the magnetic field and hence the voice coil much more linear, so as you crank the volume up (and I’m sure you’ll want to with these!) it effortlessly streams the music you’re playing straight into your ears without any of that annoying colouration or splashyness that often creeps in as the volume level goes up.

Sweet as a nut – and in the walnut finish shown here as beautiful as one too!

Use them as a high quality pair of stand mount or book-shelf speakers for music, or as part of the near ultimate surround sound system combined with the Epicon 6 floor-standing speakers.

A matching stand is also available.