Featured Product of the week… Anthem MRX-700 AV receiver

The Humble AV Receiver typically sits at the heart of a home cinema system. It acts as surround sound decoder, audio and video switch / preamp and power amp, which is asking a lot from a single box. The majority of AV receivers struggle to do everything well when everything is shoe-horned into a single box, however there are some notable exceptions, and the Anthem MRX series are some of the best around in their categories.


The Anthem MRX-700 (shown above) is not one of the prettiest AV receivers, however has an air of functionality about it with a typically North American styling. However when it’s sitting in your AV rack delivering the goods, most people aren’t bothered by the unit’s appearance – afterall you buy it to do a job not to look pretty on the shelf!

The rear panel of the Anthem MRX-700 isn’t overly cluttered compared to some, however it has enough of a variety of inputs for most eventualities, up-scaling the analogue inputs, so a single HDMI cable to the display is all that is needed. There is also a front panel input hiding behind a sliding panel, so occasional connection (say for a cam-corder or laptop) is also catered for.

The thing that really excites up though about this unit is the audio performance. It has sufficient power for moderate sized rooms and unleashes it in a controlled and detailed way without ever getting splashy or confused. The unit inlcudes Anthem’s ARC room correction system, which (via a program on a PC) analyzes the performace of the room and speakers through a specially calibrated USB microphone (which is included in the box). The system then applies weightings to even out the lumps and bumps inteh setup performance to create a close to neutral listening environment. The key thing about this system though is that it doesn’t seem to lose the detail in soundstage that is so often destroyed by room correction.

We were quick to add it to the list of demonstration equipment in our showroom, as it is perfect for the mid-tier home cinema install.

More details about the unit are available from the Anthem web site.

Anthem MRX-700  £2099.00