Home Cinema Service in the French Alps

French Alps

Some installs take a little more effort than others. This home cinema system is based in a Chalet high in the French Alps, and needed some work after a series of power cuts had fried the hard disk where the customer’s music was stored and seriously upset the Arcam AVR600 AV receiver which needed a firmware upgrade and re-setup.

The system is used by the owner and customers staying in this fabulous Chalet both during the Summer Months for Hiking, Climbing, Paragliding and Mountain-Biking, and in the Winter during the Skiing season.

A Home Cinema Service of this kind needed some careful thinking about to make sure we had the correct equipment and spares necessary – of course some things catch you unawares however local(ish) shops provided the necessary missing resources. Buying a new ADSL Modem in very rusty school-boy French was an interesting experience!

The system comprises Sony TV, Arcam AVR600, DALI Ikon Phantom in-wall speakers at the front, and Ikon On-Wall rear channel speakers. An Ikon Vokal II and Ikon Sub complete the speakers. Sources are a FoxSat HDR receiver, Panasonic Blu-Ray player and Sonos Connect for music. Control is via a Logitech Harmony1100, which also needed a bit of tweaking to make it more reliable.