Anthem AV receiver changes

We were dismayed to learn this morning that the Anthem MRX-700 will no longer be made. Anthem tell us this is due to a global lack of availability of some components that are used in it. Fortunately the MRX-300 and MRX-500 are not affected.

If you want a higher performance Anthem AV receiver than the MRX-500, then adding a PVA5 (or PVA7 if you want 7.1 channels)  power Amp to power the speakers onto an MRX-300 does the job nicely… Watch this space for when our demonstration unit migrates to the two box solution.

Anthem MRX300Anthem PVA5








Anthem MRX300 and PVA5 two box AV receiver combination for £2,698


Of course the next step up is to go for the dedicated AV processor and Power amp combination. The AVM50v is a dedicated AV processor and offers a host of additional features including a broadcast quality 12 bit video scaler and processor, and 8 HDMI inputs.