Cinemascope Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 Home Cinema

Cinemascope Screen

We love it when customers are really enthusiastic about their Home Cinema system, and we’re delighted when the end result is as good as this.

This stunning Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 system using the Anthem AVM60 surround processor, Anthem PVA 7 and PVA4 power amplifiers and DALI Rubicon LCR on-wall speakers delivering superb sound in spades. The room features bespoke upholstered wall panelling, a fabulous wall-to-wall star ceiling, and a 3.3m wide (11′) acoustic Cinemascope screen. Add to this black-out blinds,  twin DALI Sub K14F sub-woofers to rattle your fillings loose, 4 x dipole in-ceiling height speakers and the Sony 4K HDR VPL-VW550ES projector, and you have a system to be truly delighted with.


Cinema Room Front2


Sources for this system include an Oppo 4K Blu-Ray player, Amazon 4K Fire TV,  Kaleidescape Strato 6TB movie server, and a Playstation 4, all housed in a svelte black glass Spectral cabinet, which conveniently is exactly the same height as the Sub-Woofers.

Simple control of the system is provided by the Logitech Harmony Elite remote control, so there is no effort in driving it all.


Cinema room back

  Star ceiling install 1


Installing the Starscape star-ceiling:   Panels are fitted with powerful magnets that “stick” to steel channels screwed to joists in the ceiling so no fixings are visible. The “stars” are created by hundreds of fibre-optic wires poking through the ceiling. They vary in size and are randomly strewn over the ceiling to create a remarkably realistic night-sky effect. The white light LED sources are fitted with a twinkle wheel that gives a gentle twinkle effect. We think this works best at it’s slowest setting, with the light sources dimmed… When it comes to star ceilings, less is definitely more!

Star ceiling install 2

Star ceiling panels showing cut-outs for in-ceiling Dolby Atmos height speakers, and downlights. The height speakers are fitted to the ceiling above the star panels, and we cover the back of the cut-outs with black acoustically transparent fabric. The downlights are fitted directly into the star panels.