Star Ceilings

A Star ceiling can be one of the most delightful finishes to a home cinema room possible. We’ve partnered with Starscape to enable us to install their wonderful Infinity Star ceilings. These are made up of black felt covered panels populated with fibre-optic “stars”. The fibres are bundled together to a simple ferrule, which allows a number of panels to be driven from an LED light source. Using fibre optics means that typically only one source is needed and is simple. The fibres give rise to different sized “stars”, and these can be made to “twinkle” and have a range of colours if required, adding to the delight. To talk through your Star ceiling project, call us now on 01189820400

Prices for a system including fixings and light source are around £400 per square metre inc VAT.

Star Ceiling
DMX controlled Star Ceiling in dedicated Cinema Room
HiFi Cinema Star Ceiling
Star Ceiling in the HiFi Cinema Showroom
Star Ceiling installation
IR / IP Controlled Star Ceiling in Screening room
HiFi Cinema Project featuring a Star Ceiling
Coffered ceiling with Star Ceiling panels


Dedicated HiFi Cinema Room with Star Ceiling
Dedicated Cinema Room with Star Ceiling
Star Ceiling Atmos Speaker
Star Ceiling edge detail showing Dolby Atmos Height Speaker


Example HiFi Cinema Star Ceiling Installations

Showroom Star Ceiling1
differing sized stars in our star ceiling

The Star ceiling can be either as a floating island coming off the existing ceiling, or recessed in a coffered or framed area of the ceiling. Most of the star ceilings we have installed are arranged as panels within a coffered ceiling, as this gives the effect of an open-to-the-stars ceiling.

To build a Star Ceiling

There are three key elements to the star ceiling:

Ceiling support

The Star Panels are typically 1m x 1m boards, and are attached to the ceiling via magnets, “sticking” to steel channels suspended from the ceiling joists. In this way there are no fixings visible, and a very neat finish can be achieved. The panels also have security tethers, this is because when a ceiling panel is pulled away from the steel channels, the magnets often release all together, and the panel will fall away from the unwary.

Light Source

Star Ceiling Fibre Optic Light SourceThe lighting source, is typically a small box with one or more high intensity LED light sources inside. This of course needs to be housed somewhere, be provided with mains power, and have a path for the fibre optic umbilicle to connect to the ceiling panels.

The light source may be a simple white light, include a “twinkle” wheel, or be a sophisticated RGBW unit with DMX control. The DMX facility allows the unit to be completely controlled via an automation system, generating custom colours, brightnesses and twinkle effects.




Home Cinema Star Ceiling being installedPlanning & Execution

The ceiling supports have to be installed accurately so that the Star Ceiling is in the correct place, and this requires some careful planning, measuring and marking. We are able to make up special sized and shaped panels to fit odd-shaped ceilings, however these require a bit more effort to ensure the panels can be supported correctly.

Visit our Showroom where you can see our infinity Star Ceiling  – we are happy to talk through the logistics and what works for your project.