Magnetic levitation turntable

mag_lev-audio turntable

Mag_Lev Audio turntable front viewEvery now and then something comes along that catches the eye, and piques interest. In this case it’s a new startup developing a turntable using magnetic levitation as the main platter suport and bearing. Clearly this would dramatically improve the noise generated by the bearing, however with engineering brain in gear, I imagine it creates a load of other problems: speed stability, positional stability, interference with the magnetic pickup etc.


Currently (October 2016) this is a kickstarter campaign, with no certainty of production, however if everythign goes to plan production is set to start in June 2017. As of the 20th October, they’ve already reached their funding target, and likely to wildly exceed it.

We wish MAG-LEV Audio all the best in this exciting venture.

More details are on the MAG-LEV Audio web siteKickstarter or Facebook pages.