Featured Product of the week… The Naim Fraimlite HiFi Stand

The Naim Fraimlite is a superb looking HiFi Stand designed by Naim for Naim Equipment. That doesn’t mean of course that you can’t fit anything else onto it instead, though you do have to be wary of the centre pillar at the back for other kit!

The Fraimlite is a stripped back version of the original Naim Fraim, without the ball bearings, support cups, and glass shelves, but with extended woodwork to support your equipment. We think this is a lovely, simple and stylish solution for where to put your HiFi.

Start with a base unit, and build up the levels you need. The tripod structure means that nothing ever rattles, and the savage looking spikes on the base means that they poke through a carpet onto solid floor for the best rigid support.

Come and see it in action (or rather inaction as the whole idea is to hold your HiFi still!) in our showroom.

Download the Fraimlite brochure here