Featured product of the Week… Linn K20 Speaker Cable

Speaker cable is definitely at the low glamour end of HiFi components, however it is the vital link to allow your amplifier to drive the speakers in the most accurate way possible. The average length of speaker cable we install is in the region of 4 to 5 metres from the amplifier to the speaker, and at this length it is important to have as low an impedance as is practical, coupled with low capacitance and inductance, so that the speaker characteristics are not altered by the cable.


The Linn K20 cable offers an excellently priced compromise with cable that is flexible and will actually go around corners, whilst being low in capacitance, inductance and impedance.



  • Cable 2-Core dumbell wire
  • Core 4 mm sq.
  • Strand 56 strands 0.3 mm copper
  • Insulation Grey PVC
  • Inductance 0.005 ohm per metre
  • Capacitance 16pf per metre at 1KHz (typical value)
  • Impedance 0.93 mh per metre 1KHz (typical value)