Featured Product of the week: Oppo BDP-103EU

The Oppo BDP-103EU reviewed here is Oppo’s new version of the multi-function Blu-Ray player. It boasts a huge range of features many aimed at getting the very best picture and sound out of your media. It works superbly out of the box with minimal setting up, however if you want to take advantage of the tweaking possible in the menus, then there’s lots to play with.


In addition to the usual things you’d expect the machine to support (3D, SACD etc. etc.) there are a few surprising additions including:

  • Netflix integration for streaming Movies
  • Support for High resolution FLAC and WAV files
  • 4K image upscaling
  • HDMI / MHL input (to connect your smartphone / DV Camcorder)
  • 3 x USB ports (as if one wasn’t enough)
  • IP control app (android is here, iOS coming soon)
  • Network Video/Audio and Picture playback (though not from stored ISO files)


Performance-wise, this player has a lot to live up to and doesn’t dissappoint: The picture is crisp and movement smooth, with punchy sound full of depth and scale with impressive dynamics. We love it!



Unusually for a manufacturer, their web site includes a picture of the insides – this unit is made extremely well from high quality components, so I suppose why not flaunt it?