Featured Product of the week: Linn Magik DSM

The Linn Magik DSM is in effect a single box source/pre-power unit, however saying this doesn’t really do it justice! When you add in HDMI switching, a plethora of other source inputs and the Linn DS player, plus the punchy and highly capable internal power amplifier, the true picture starts to emerge…



The Magik DSM is the start of Linn’s Digital Streaming Music boxes, designed as Linn’s web site suggests to make everythign you listen to sound better. Linn have obviously thought long and hard about this and have looked at the sources people really use to see how that can be involved.

We are firmly in a video age, and so HDMI is used a-plenty for playing sources such as:

  • Blu-Ray
  • Games consoles
  • Satellite TV
  • You View TV (connected Internet based catch-up TV and live Freeview)
  • PVRs

The Magik DSM sits at the heart of an AV system, and allows you to pluck out the stereo audio from any connected source, and play it with audiophile quality. If you want surround sound, then this concemp doesn’t stop you – the front two channels are played through the Magik DSM, and the other channels are decoded and played through a surround amp. Linn have some pretty neat little diagrams etc. to show you how to connect it all together, and indlude adjustable delays within the Magik DSM to allow you to sync it all together.

Of course the trick of bringing all of your music and video sources together within a Magik DSM system is effectively solved for you: We connect it all up for you so all you have to do is press the appropriate button on the remote! – Job done!

At a price of £2,965.00 inc VAT, it’s not the cheapest of systems, however we feel the price tag offers excellent value for money considering the performance, and the fact that it brings high quality audio not just to your TV, but to all you watch and listen to! Come to our showroom and listen to the system for yourself…