Standalone Cinema System for Barn Conversion, Plasma / Projector

Barn cinema

Cinema System for music and moviesCinema System Optimised for stereo music

In this cinema system the equipment was installed to give the best stereo music performance coupled with amazing 5.1 presentation.  Since its initial installation some years ago, we have upgraded the surround amp, blu-ray player and projector to provide better performance all round, simpler wiring with hdmi, and 3d compatibility.

  • Oppo BDP105D Blu-Ray / media player
  • Naim NAC282 pre-amp with 2xHiCap PSUs.
  • Naim NAP250-2 Power amp for main L/R.
  • Linn 5100 power amp for centre, rear channels and extension (Zone 2) speakers in office next door.
  • Anthem MRX710 surround amp with ARC
  • Naim n-Sat speaker package with n-sub.
  • Sky HD satellite receiver
  • Pioneer 61″ Plasma screen.
  • Sony VPL-HW55  projector.
  • Da-Lite Cosmopolitan Electrol 8′ wide screen with high gain video-spectra surface.
  • Philips Pronto colour touch screen remote control


We have been delighted with the service from Hi Fi Cinema throughout the process, starting with the impressive demonstration facilites, expert selection of components to achieve our desired result, careful and speedy installation, all culminating in a system with which we are extremely happy. A perfect experience throughout!
Jonathan H