HD Plasma and Projector Home Cinema Built into Fireplace Recess

Fireplace TV

Home Cinema built into Fireplace

For this project we constructed a home cinema built into fireplace:

Stage 1. Remove the old fireplace.

Stage 2. Build the AV wall so the plasma screen and electronics sit in the recess left by the old fireplace.

Stage 3. New log burning stove fitted and AV wall pre-wired and decorated. Dedicated high current mains spur fitted to all power sockets. (improves sound quality)

Stage 4. Equipment fitted, and properly calibrated. This includes:

  • Naim n-Vi cinema system
  • Naim n-sat loudspeakers all round
  • Pioneer PDP5000EX plasma screen (full 1080p high definition)
  • JVC Profesional HX-2 D-ILA projector
  • Da-Lite 8′ wide Cosmopolitan Electrol Screen
  • Sky HD satellite receiver
  • Philips Pronto touch screen remote control
  • DALI Ikon subwoofer (in the centre panel under the plasma screen)

Our customer chose to have open fronted glass shelves for equipment housing and dvd / cd storage. Discreet rear channel speakers (Naim n-sats) provide perfect integration with the front channel speakers and produce a huge soundstage totally unexpected for their size. The secret is good phase integrity.

Time for a big screen movie!