Basement Conversion Home Cinema in London

Nominated for BEST CUSTOM INSTALL by Home Cinema Choice Magazine.

It was one of those occasions when a customer walks into our showroom and says “I want this in my house – all of it, wall coverings, carpets, lighting, seats, cinema system – exactly the same !”

In practice there were a few challenges to overcome, this basement room is quite narrow (only 10′ wide) and very long. It had a large safe in one corner that was installed before the narrow spiral staircase was fitted – this being the only access !

Stage one was to cut up the safe with a plasma cutter and remove several tons of metal in pieces.

We then built the staging for the rear row of seats, bearing in mind the 6’6″ high ceiling.

The walls are finished with 1/2″ upholstry foam covered in Kobe Alicante Suede material giving the whole room a very tactile and warm feel, and also improving the acoustics. We used the same material and carpets as our showroom.

A fibre optic star – light system on the ceiling gives a nice atmosphere and the wall uplighters and blue LED skirting lights finish off the look.

The electronics comprise:

  • Naim n-Vi cinema system
  • DALI Ikon in-wall front speakers
  • DALI Ikon on-wall rear speakers
  • DALI Ikon Subwoofer
  • SIM2 C3X 3-chip DLP HD projector
  • Sky HD receiver
  • Playstation3 with hdmi (for the kids!)
  • Apple Macintosh Pro for photo/video editing and web surfing
  • CinemaTech “Terminator II” motorised leather reclining seats.

The results are quite stunning – both the look and feel of the room are cosy and welcoming (because it’s a basement cinema room it is naturally dark which lends itself nicely to mood lighting and of course a fabulous picture with very dark blacks.)

You even get the aroma of the real leather seats !

Of course the sound system is both exciting and powerful to listen to but never gets tiresome, the hallmarks of a Naim / DALI combination. From the thunderous Subwoofer to the delicate ribbon tweeters this system extends beyond the frequency range of the human ear.


I had a quote from a local dealer based on a friend’s recommendation, but the company that came up with the best solution, and a considerably lower price, was HiFi Cinema. The Brief was to convert our basement into a cinema room and Alan recommended a visit to their showrooms in Aldermaston so we could all get a much clearer idea of what we wanted. We ended up with pretty much the same look and feel as their main cinema room, right down to the carpets and suede wall coverings. The projector and sound system are absolutely stunning and well exceeded my expectations, and to top it all off the CinemaTech leather seating gives a real feeling of luxury and comfort. We’re delighted with the whole package, my son can play his PS3 in high definition and 5.1 surround sound, I can edit my photos and movies on the Macintosh computer, and we can watch Sky HD, all on the big screen. The moment you walk in the room you get a mixture of feelings from “really cosy” to “really exciting” and that’s before you’ve even turned the system on!
Neville L, London