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Linn Products – Music Systems

Linn Authorised DealerOver forty years ago Linn was born out of a simple truth; the more accurately a system reproduces sound, the greater the impact it will have on the listener. The better the sound, the greater the benefit. Ever since then, Linn’s goal has been to produce music and movie systems capable of delivering the full emotion of a live performance in your home. The best sound systems can change your life. Only music and movies reproduced to the highest standards can bring you lasting pleasure, so at Linn, accurate reproduction always comes first.

We believe our approach is the best, but the way to judge us is to listen to our products.Ivor Tiefenbrun MBE

Linn Have 3 main product ranges encompassing the legendary LP12:


Linn Magik System The Majik range opens the way to all that is Linn in an affordable level. Vinyl with a choice of Moving Magnet or Moving coil cartridge, DS Music streamer source/pre amp, power amps and matching loudspeakers.


Linn Akurate Exakt system If you’re really serious about music the Linn Akurate system will make the hairs on the back of your neck tingle ! Use a Turntable, DS Streaming source/pre Amp, power amps and matching loudspeakers. Connect the whole of your entertainment system for the best experience.

Linn Series 5 Akurate Systems

The Series 5 systems are Akurate level speakers driven by an Akurate Exakt DSM, and feature all of the Exakt capabilities. The Series 5 speakers that are much more design orientated, they feature configurable fabric covers, and glass top and base plates. You decide whether it blends in with you décor, or stands out as a design statement. See our Linn Series 5 Page for more details.


The Ultimate Linn System, simply jaw dropping, three dimensional beautifully detailed soundstage. DS Music streamer source, power amps and matching loudspeakers, including fully active Exakt systems where the digital signal processing and power amps are inside the loudspeakers.

Linn Klimax DSM

Linn Klimax 350A Oak

All the Linn Digital Streaming Systems can be controlled from the comfort of your Sofa via a Laptop or iPad / iPhone, or Android Phone. Come and see for yourself how easy it is to select and play your favourite music via a Linn DS.

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