Featured Product of the Week: Naim Uniti Nova

Naim Uniti Nova

Naim Uniti NovaWe’ve worked on a number of systems recently where the brief was to have high quality playback including streaming and Vinyl sources in a small footprint. The Naim Uniti Nova fits this perfectly with a superbly engineered product. The Nova oozes quality from the moment you open the box, and once pressed into action with a suitably excellent pair of speakers, will delight and amaze with the slightest musical nuance being artfully revealed.

In our showroom we have had the Uniti Nova paired with a variety of speakers including the Focal Kanta 2, the DALI Epicon 2 and 6, and DALI Rubicon 6 and 8. The Nova drives all of these with aplomb, demonstrating it’s audiophile credentials with ease, and challenging the need to go for a separates system.

A recent installation had the Uniti Nova installed with a pair of DALI Rubicon 6 speakers and a Linn LP12 as an analogue source. The streaming playback of ripped CDs is of course superb, however the LP12 with some nice vinyl is in a different league – I would like to say that it comes down to the skill involved in the LP12 setup I did, or the clever choices for Phono Stage, speaker placement and cabling. However really the great result is from the choice of great kit, including the Naim Uniti Nova.   At £4199 it seems like a lot to spend on a one-box source & Integrated Amp, however it punches so far above its weight, that you’ll easily convince yourself you are listening to a system worth twice as much. The Naim Uniti Nova was featured product of the week back in March last year – we’ve ended up featuring it again however, as it is such a great product to behold and listen to.

Come and hear it for yourself – the Naim Uniti Nova is on demonstration in our showroom.