Utopian Evening of Music – 11th April 2019 – Follow Up

Utopian Evening of Music



What a fantastic evening this was with no less than 4 of Naim’s staff in attendance including Naim’s MD Charlie Henderson.  After a short demonstration of Naim’s streamers (ND5-XS-2,  NDX-2,  NDX-2 with 555 PSU, and the stunning ND555 with both one and two 555 Power supplies) our enthusiastic customers were treated to a wide selection of favourite tracks, culminating with a session using vinyl records on our Technics SL1000-R turntable.


” Good morning guys,
What an incredible event!!  I have never heard a system like it and am still completely blow away as i sit here now by it’s scale, awesome power, clarity and grace at which it performed.  A real treat not just to have Mark there but Charlie Henderson as well just goes to show the passion and enjoyment that Naim themselves get out of their products.
Thanks again for hosting a fantastic event, i will keep a look out for your next one!!
James  “


” Hello Alan,

Thanks for another enlightening evening of audio delights!

Naim put on a very well-structured demo showing progression through their range of streamers with amazing quality of sound.

Also it was a pleasure to enjoy your superb demo room again and the refreshments provided.

Please add me to your list for visiting the Naim factory which would be an opportunity not to be missed.


Once again, many thanks.

Laurence ”


The original invitation:

Join us to hear our favourite music, played on some of the best equipment ever made for a result that’ll astound and delight.

We’ll be playing fabulously recorded music from amongst others:

  • Daft Punk
  • Diana Krall
  • Dire Straits
  • Imelda May
  • Larry Carlton
  • Leonard Cohen
  • Pink Martini
  • George Michael
  • Coldplay
  • Pink Floyd

If you’d like to hear your music on this jaw dropping system, bring it along to our event, and have a listen!

The system we’re using is the best we’ve ever had in our showroom including the 3 top end Naim Streamers, Focal Scala Utopia Evo speakers, and a couple of the best analogue sources available including the Technics SL1000 turntable and top spec. LP12.  Representatives of Naim Audio will also be on hand to extol the virtues of their latest range of streaming players, amplifiers and Focal Speakers.

  • Focal Scala Utopia Evo speakers
  • Naim ND555 Streamer
  • Naim NDX 2 Streamer
  • Naim ND5 XS 2 Streamer
  • Naim NAC 552 Pre-Amp
  • Naim NAP500 Power Amp

Door open at 5:30pm, with demonstrations running until about 9pm.

Refresments will be available, along with scintillating discussions and in-depth information from Naim themselves.

sign up for your complimentary tickets here: