Dedicated Cinemascope 4K Cinema Room with Dolby Atmos sound system (Home Extension)

widescreen cinema room


Originally our customers had been quoted a “cinema system” by their electricians who were wiring their new extension.  They decided to pay us a visit as they wanted a specialist in the field to design and build something using “better than your average mass market products” and with an eye for the look and feel of something special.

Some of the structure of the room had already been built, so we worked around the dropped ceiling and star ceiling already in place, and provided everything else including motorised curtains, LED strip lighting, Cinema Seating, and all the electronics which comprise:

Sony VPL-VW550 4K native 3 panel projector with HDR (High Dynamic Range) capability. Motorised zoom memories for 16 x 9 and Cinemascope cinema viewing.

Cyberscreens 3.35m widescreen cinema (2.35 : 1) acoustically transparent screen

Anthem MRX720 surround processor with Dolby Atmos and DTS-X (5.1.4 system)

Anthem PVA-4 power amplifier

Dali Rubicon LCR loudspeakers x 5 with Revel B112 1000W subwoofer.

Atlantic Technology IC6-OBA Object based ceiling speakers for Dolby Atmos / DTS-X

Kaleidescape Strato 6Tb 4k movie server

Oppo UDP-203 4K blu-ray player

Sky-Q receiver for broadcast TV and Movies / Sports etc.

Naim Audio “Uniti Atom” music streamer / player.

Front Row Classic Cinema Seating with motorised incline.

Rako lighting control and motorised curtain / blind control.


The result is truly outstanding, even by our standards, and extremely favourable comments are in abundance from our customer.  “This is by far the best room in the house, we love watching movies and football at the weekends and relaxing after a hard days work”