Product of the week: DALI Connect speaker cables

Recently we were introduced to a new range of speaker cables from DALI the Danish speaker manufacturer. Dubbed Connect, these new cables are available in three flavours, all featuring 74 strands of Oxygen Free Copper conductors:

  • dali-connect-speaker-cable-rm230c-02SC RM230C – OFC conductors Bi-Wound, Polyethylene insulator.DALI Connect SCRM230c terminated





  • dali-connect-speaker-cable-rm230s-02SC RM230S – Silver plated OFC conductors, Bi-Wound, Polyethylene insulator.DALI Connect SCRM230s terminated





  • dali-connect-speaker-cable-rm230stSC RM230ST – Silver Plated, OFC bi-wound conductors, FEP / Polyethylene Insulator.DALI Connect SCRM230st terminated




dali-430stThere’s also a 4 conductor biwire version of the ST version of the cable cable – RM430ST.

These speaker cables are available ready terminated in 2.0m, 3.0m and 4.0m lengths, with custom lengths available to order. The terminations are Rhodium plated carbon finished 4mm banana plugs with a locking expanding split centre pin for a firm and effective connection. The low tarnish Rhodium plating ensures these will look good for years to come.

dali-connect-430st-terminated-box-2We started off listening to 3.0m of the SC RM230C (£299.00  for 3m), and comparing it to the Naim NACA5 cable  terminated with our compression fitting banana plugs as one of our favourite value-for money cables. Instantly there was an improved sense of space and agility to the music making us think it was worth the extra, so we were hooked to listen to more. Moving to the SC RM230S (£359.00 for 3m), we were rewarded with a much punchier bass and a more open and detailed sound stage. These cables are certasinly worth listening to!  The top end SC RM230ST (£399.00 ), was a smaller improvement on the previous jumps, however, the punchier bass and detailed soundstage were complemented with a more relaxed feel to the sound.

We ended the listening test with the Naim Super Lumina cables (just to play devil’s advocate!), and were pleased to discover that the Super Lumina cables were indeed much better again. I say pleased, that’s only because they’re approaching five times the price!

We thought the DALI Connect cables were delightful and a superb compliment to the DALI speakers. They’re available now from our webstore.