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April News
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DALI Wireless Speakers                             Whilst not completely wireless (they need a mains connection) they still have Bluetooth wireless connectivity, together with Optical, and 3.5mm jack connections. Use as a single unit, or connected to a Kubik Xtra for a stereo pair. The DALI Kubik speaker sounds great, and with a colourful collection suits a wide range of installations. See our web store for more details. These have won a load of awards.
Sony Launch new baby The latest in Sony’s VPL range of projectors is the VPL-HW40ES entry level projector. This promises to be an excellent low priced projector at £1849. Available in black or white finishes, it offers full 3D HD resolution, at a bright 1700 lumens. See our Webstore for more details.
What we’re listening to and watching:
Daft Punk – Random Access Memories superb latest offering from the French Robo-Duo.
Billie Holliday – The Great American Songbook. Jazz as it’s meant to be
Captain Philips – (Paul Greengrass 2013) – Thrilling!
Cloud Atlas – (Tykwer, Wachowski & Wachowski 2012) – what you get if you let loose a bunch of actors into a fancy dress shop!
Linn Vinyl Adikt Event

Join us as we celebrate the LP on Saturday 3rd May at our showroom

Discover the history behind the longest surviving music format while listening to great tracks on an iconic Sondek LP12 turntable.

You’ll experience the glory of vinyl music at its finest and learn about the craftsmanship involved in engineering the world’s best deck.
You are welcome to bring along some of your own favourite vinyl on the day. As usual a selection of drinks and refreshments will be available.
Grado Headphones                              We now have a range of the superb Grado Headphones available on our webstore. With prices ranging from £79.95, there’s a model for everyone.
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