Featured Product of the week: Harmony Ultimate Touch remote control

Harmony Ultimate

Logitech harmony Ultimate touchThe Harmony Ultimate Touch remote control is the latest device in a series of remote control products that Logitech have created over the years. This one however is simply great. Those clever chaps at Logitech have created a remote control that is easy to use and flexible enough to cover a very wide range of uses. It includes a “Smart Hub” that the remote unit links to wirelessly so it con control your devices while they are hidden in a cupboard too.

Put simply this is a programmable remote control that will take over the Infra-Red control of up to 15 devices, integrating them together with macros, and allowing you to intuitively control your entertainment system through an activities based selection.

e.g. if you want to watch a Blu-Ray, go to the home page, and press the “Watch Blu-Ray” button.  In this case the remote control will switch on your Blu-Ray player, Amplifier, TV and any thing else that is needed, Select the appropriate inputs on everything, and present you with the controls you need.

Harmony UltimateThe size and shape of the Harmony Ultimate is familiar to anyone who has use an IR remote before, and it sits nicely in the hand for single handed use for the majority of functions (unlike the Harmony1100 for which you really needed two hands).

For what it is, we think it is outstanding value at £229, and dramatically improves the ease of use for any entertainment system that has more than two components.

It also has the ability to link to a free App (downloadable from the iOS or Android App Stores) so you can drive your system from your phone too.


If you want to de-clutter your living space, and make your home entertainment system easier to use, then this is the product for you.

See this Video for a flavour of what it can do:

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