Featured Product of the week: Naim NAC552 Preamp

Naim Audio have unashamedly been at the pinnacle of British Audiophile manufacturers for many years, and the NAC552 preamp is at the pinnacle of the products that Naim manufacture.

Naim set out with a no-holds-barred policy when designing this preamp, drawing on years of innovation and experience. The preamp uses a separate power supply, with really chunky cables connecting the PSU to the preamp. all the electronics inside the preamp are on sprung-loaded floating circuit board supports to minimise the microphonic effects of vibrations on the electronics. They also go to extreme efforts to select matching components within the circuitry, and go to extraordinary efforts to relieve the mechanical stress on interconnect cables. Every innovation they thought of was listened to extensively to check it’s effect on the sound quality

The result is a sublimely open and natural sounding pre-amp that really does get the best out of the music you are listening to. If you are in the market for the best of the best, then this is surely going to be on the short list of equipment to get excited by! With six inputs, one of which you can configure to be unity gain to work with an AV amplifier, it is also flexible enough to go into virtually any system, however paired with Naim’s NAP500 power amplifier, is the natural choice, for impedance matching from the Preamp output.

We have one in the reference kit in our showroom, so if you want a musical treat, pop in to have a listen to your favourite music played through it!

Naim NAC 552 and NAC 552PS

At £17,540 including the power supply, it’s a big investment, however you’re paying for the years of research and experience of refining audio playback excellence to it’s very best, plus some of the finest components and construction money can buy, with second-to-none performance. With this in mind, it’s a steal!