Featured Product of the Week… The Sim2 M150 3D Projector

The Sim2 M150 caught our attention when it was first launched last year. Using 3 high power LEDs as the light source changes the way that the colours are generated – instead of starting with a “white” light source and then separating the colours out via a colour wheel, the M150 starts with three primary colours, and generates the colour gamut from these. The result is a projector that is simply astounding in accuracy and vibrant detail. We like it the minute it was turned on, so much so, we had to get one for our showroom – come and see it in action!

Sim2 Mico 150

The M150 is a large chunky projector, and straight out of the box, looks like it means business, with a very substantial looking lens. The LED light sources mean that the power on sequence is typically quicker than regular projectors, and there is very little cool-off period when the unit is switched off. There are sufficient lens options and adjustments for most installation challenges, and plenty of ability to fiddle with the settings for calibration for that perfect setup. The quoted brightness doesn’t set the spec figures on fire, but then the conventional method of measuring brightness may not be appropriate due to the primary coulour sources rather than a regular “white” bulb. The apparant picture brightness in use bears this out, so it isn’t an issue – particularly when used in a dedicated cinema room. The contrast ratio is excellent,and if you add a high contrast screen such as the SI Black diamond, and the picture is just amazing: sharp, bright, detailed, naturally coloured, with a real 3D feel even without the 3D turned on!

At £19,995 it isn’t a cheap projector, however we think the picture quality and flexibility makes it worth the price!

Sim2 M150 brochure download from here

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