Featured product of the week…. Aurum A5 amplifier

The Aurum A5 amplifier is the top-end model from Aurum Phonologue a German HiFi manufacturer. Aurum have not long been selling into the UK, and we got hold of the A5 about 6 months ago. When we first heard it, we were hugely impressed, and consider it to be right at the top end at the performance for cost ratio.

Capable of up to 150W into 4 ohms, this is an integrated stereo amplifier with attitude! It has simple controls on the front (Power, volume, input select), but packs a controlled and detailed punch, to transparently deliver emotion.

The Amp has 8 inputs including a balanced XLR input, and has individual input trims for volume balancing. The labelling on the inputs indicates that Aurum have aimed this at being at the heart of your entertainment system.

We think it’s a great sounding amplifier, and at £2,950 is excellent value for money and well worth listening to! We have one in our showroom if you want to hear for yourself.