Neat Standalone System For Living Room

Simplicity and low cost without compromising performance was the key to this system.  Our customer wanted to listen to audiophile quality music as well as movies in a tidy lounge setting, without doing any structural alterations to the property. The requirement was to be able to relocate the system easily in the future.

Equipment comprises:

  • 50″ Pioneer PDP-LX5090 plasma TV
  • Arcam AVR280 surround receiver
  • Playstation3 for games and Blu-Ray / dvd playback in 5.1
  • Sky HD receiver
  • Dali Ikon 5.1 speaker system
  • Logitech Harmony 1100 universal remote control
  • Sonos multi-room music system with AVA RS3 server with Dali Lektor 1’s and Flatline Acoustics RS650ic ceiling speakers.


I’d always been quite keen on the idea of a lovely home AV installation that was simple-to-use and cost effective. Having heard stories- both good and bad- about custom installers, I must say it was with trepidation that I sent an email to Hi-Fi cinema after finding them on a local Google search.
I must say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised throughout. The guys have been approachable, efficient (demo room opening on Sundays upon request- great for busy bees!), endlessly helpful (chasing up suppliers for stuff to make sure it arrives on time), accommodating (I have a very picky fiancée!), and most of all just great fun. From playing around with lots of kit to find out what’s best to setting it up just right (and on-time), they’ve certainly impressed both myself and my lady. They even managed to keep the costs down- amazing!
I’m now the envy of all my friends. Full marks to Hi-Fi Cinema for a job exceedingly well done.”