Dining Room Conversion to Home Cinema System

Dining room conversion

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Dining Room Conversion to Home Cinema System

Dining room conversionOur customer, Gary,  approached us several years before this installation in the hope that he could get planning permission for an extension room over his garage. Alas several years went by and we were eventually asked to build a cinema system into the little used dining room. (Gary already had a massive Kitchen / Dining area)

Our Joiner (Cunning Ken!) was tasked with building the AV wall at the front in a style and finish sympathetic to the beautiful light oak woodwork already in the room.  The wall had to provide storage for most of the electronics, front left, right and centre speakers, subwoofer and still provide storage for CD’s dvd’s and remote control units etc.

Dining room conversion 2We had to seek out the original house builder to find a source for the unusual plaster coving around the top so it neatly integrates into the room.

The electronics comprise:

  • Naim n-Vi cinema system
  • DALI Ikon in-wall front speakers
  • DALI Ikon-5 rear speakers
  • DALI Ikon Subwoofer
  • SIM2 HT305 DLP projector
  • Sky HD receiver
  • Philips Pronto colour touch screen remote control
  • Pioneer 50″ plasma screen (recovered from Gary’s lounge)

Of course the sound system is both exciting and powerful to listen to but never gets tiresome, the hallmarks of a Naim / DALI combination. From the thunderous Subwoofer to the delicate ribbon tweeters this system extends beyond the frequency range of the human ear.

Dining room conversion 3