Home Cinema Seating

Home Cinema Seating from HiFi Cinema

Having comfortable home cinema seating is almost as important as the quality of the sound and picture. After all, for a long movie, you may be sitting there for a few hours, and with our seating you will still be as snug and comfortable at the end of the movie as at the beginning.
Home Cinema Seating also has to look stunning from an interior design point of view as well as being functional.


We have gone to some effort to find the most comfortable, good looking seating around, and as a result have ten brands to choose from – you can see the whole range on our dedicated Home Cinema Seating website, however two of our favourites are:

Click here for Palladio Seating

  • Beautiful, comfortable recliner with luxurious leather
  • Any configuration so you can customise your seats to your room
  • Silent glide motors make for silent repositioning
  • Can be positioned as little as 8cm from a back wall
  • Fingertip control from inlaid panel
  • Stainless steel cup holders which are removable for easy cleaning
  • Pocket-sprung cushion design for extra comfort and prevention of sagged seats, so they look and feel like new for longer

Click here for FrontRow Seating

  • Excellent value for money comfortable seating with prices from £935 for a single electric seat
  • Choice of premium leathers and materials
  • Quiet and powerful electric incline mechanism
  • Standard and customisable home cinema seating

Home Cinema Furniture

clic equipment cabinetsWe also have access to a wide range of Home cinema Cabinets and equipment racks. If there isn’t something off-the-shelf that fits, we are usually able to make something to precisely fit into your space. Ken, our trusty carpenter, is a dab hand at making superb custom designed and built cabinets. With finishes designed around your requirements. Contact us for a quotation.

spectral brick AV cabinet