Motorised Control

With the variety of motorised control mechanisms, and control equipment available, it is possible to motorise virtually anything that can move in the home. There are however, some items that are more common than others, and we are often asked to create motorised control for Curtains, Blinds, TVs, panels, lights and a variety of other things.

Motorised Control of Curtains and Blinds

Goelst Curtain tracksIt is relatively common to have motorised control of blinds or curtains, with a wide range of suppliers to choose from. We have links to a variety of curtain and blind motor manufacturers, to enable your curtains and blinds to be controlled along with your lights from your iPad, or wall switch.

One of our favourites is the Goelst G-Rail system, which is smooth and very quiet, however we also offer systems from Silent Gliss, and Somfy.

It is important to understand the type and weight of curtain and the path it needs to go along in order to specify a motorised solution. Some of our solutions are wireless with battery operated motors which make a retro-fit easy, whilst others need mains power, and are wired into control systems for power and reliability.


Hiding the TV

TVs that come up out of the foot of the bed are becoming a standard feature in furniture shops, however the size of the TV is limited by the height of the bed foot. Other ways of achieving the same effect, but with a larger TV include:

  • A slide-out and lift mechanism where the TV is stored flat underneath the bed (see video)
  • Setting the TV behind a panel in the wall opposite the bed, so the panel is lifted when the TV is turned on
  • The TV is in a panel that lowers out of the ceiling, when the TV is required

In partnership with Future Automation, we are able to create motorised control of sliding panels, motorised arms and brackets, TV and projector lifts and much, much more. come and talk to us about your ideas and dreams.

Chandelier lift

We had a request from a customer to create a lift mechanism to lift a chandelier out of the way of a large TV. After extensive searching on the internet, we realised that we would have to create something ourselves to fit into the ceiling space available. The lift mechanism had to be highly robust and reliable, as it was to be plastered into the ceiling without any easy access for maintenance etc.  We opted for over-engineering it with a Mains-powered Door Shutter motor, with two stainless steel support cables wrapped around the shutter tube, and aligned with the original chandelier ceiling rose, to match the original appearance.