My Sonic Lab Cartridges

The Lowest Loss With The Highest Output.

Founded by master cartridge maker Mr. Yoshio Matsudaira in 2004, the goal was to pursue and develop the ultimate dream cartridges. Mr. Matsudaira has been a highly sought after designer of high performance cartridges, with a client list that has included respected brands such as Koetsu, Air Tight, Miyabi, Luxman, Supex and Audio Craft. His unique SH-μX high flux / high permeability core material is one of the few genuine breakthroughs in cartridge design in the last fifty years. Only with the development of SH-μX was it possible to achieve an unseen level of performance with the lowest internal impedance and the highest output.

These have to be some of the best sounding cartridges available, and an audition is highly recommended. Listen to the MySonic Signature Platinum in our showroom – we currently have it installed on our refurbished Garrard turntable and it sounds fabulous!


MySonic Signature Platinum Cartridge
MySonic Headshell