Linn Exakt System

Linn Exakt systems – where the source is in the speaker.

The Linn Exakt System does three things to improve the sound you listen to when playing music:

  • Moves the crossover for the speaker into the digital domain for a more accurate and controlled result
  • Compensates for manufacturing inaccuracies within the speaker components
  • Compensates for major room effects when re-playing music

Watch these Videos for More details on the Linn Exakt System:

Linn Exakt: How it Works                                            Linn Exakt: What it Can Do

Linn Exakt System   Linn Exakt System - What it Does


So, what do you need to go Exakt?

The simplest system is an Akurate or Klimax Exakt DSM which then feeds the Akubarik Exakt or Klimax 350A Exakt speakers.

For existing Linn Loudspeakers there is an Exakt Tunebox which connects in the same way as an aktiv crossover does between the pre-amp and the Power amps. This is available for Magik, Akurate and Klimax systems – contact us for details.


Having a high quality digital signal processor in the speakers also enables the speakers to do a certain amount of compensation for the room shape and layout, customising the response to your home. Watch this video to see how it does this:


The recent innovation from Linn of the Series 5 system uses the Exakt technology to enable covering the speaker with a trim cloth, with no detriment to the music. The filtering and phase change effects of the trim grille cloth is completely eliminated by the exakt system, enabling you to have a HiFi with designer looks as good as it sounds. See our Linn Series 5 page for more details.