Gallo Acoustics Spherical Speakers

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These are no ordinary speakers…!

In our search for speakers that look great but perform superbly too, we came across Anthony Gallo. These speakers break the mould for conventional speakers by using a steel spherical enclosure with a single full-range drive unit. This has three benefits…

  • there are no “boxy” resonances created by the enclosure
  • the bass produced is way more than you’d expect for this size of speaker
  • the single drive unit means there is no crossover, and phase coherency is maintained

There are two main sizes to choose from: A 4″ sphere (Gallo Acoustics Micro) and the 6″ (Gallo Acoustics A’Diva) for a fuller sound. The speakers are available in a range of colours and finishes, and there is also a variety of mounting options from on-wall brackets to floor-stands and even in-ceiling mounts. They also have SE versions where a proprietary wide dispersion flat radiator drive unit is used to better sound quality.

We love these little spherical speakers, they are the interior designer’s choice. For a solution where you want a small and inoffensive speaker that sounds great too, Gallo Acoustics is hard to beat. Whether you want a simple stylish stereo system, or want full-on surround sound, the range of Gallo Acoustics speakers can offer you a solution to go with your interior design; one that you can be proud of and want to show off, and one where the variety of installation alternatives covers the vast majority of requirements.

There are a wide range of mounting options including floor-stands, wall mounts, a simple counter-top stand, and an in-ceiling mount too.



Strada with side table top mount

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