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DALI Speakers (Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries)

HiFi Cinema has one of the largest demonstration stocks of Dali speakers in the UK – Almost the entire range. With each model range getting rave reviews from the HiFi press these speakers represent astonishing value for money.

We haven’t “jumped into bed” with DALI for any other reason than sheer sound quality and value for money. Every day, we are approached by other speaker manufacturers to offer their products, but the simple truth is, if their product doesn’t match that of a similarly priced DALI speakers, it doesn’t get past our front door. This doesn’t mean we are limiting your choice, far from it, we are still happy to supply most other makes if you feel they really do sound better, so let your ears be the judge – if it sounds real then its doing its job. This is why a demonstration is so important – after all you’ve spent your entire life listening to real sounds, so you are an expert in judging what sounds real and what doesn’t !

On Demonstration – The DALI Rubicon range


DALI Speakers - new Rubicon blackThese Speakers couple a high class finish with an audiophile sound quality at a mid-tier price point, and are one of our go-to speaker ranges for a wide range of applications. Equally at home connected to a simple stereo or as part of a 3D surround setup, The Rubicon are well worth an audition.


The Epicon 6 and Epicon 2

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Click Here to see the DALI Epicons in detail !

We were totally blown away  when the DALI Epicons were launched!  These are some of the most involving, 3 dimensional, smoothest, most detailed DALI speakers we’ve ever heard.  The superb Piano gloss finishes coupled with the excellent sound make these speakers a high end contender for the most demanding of systems.

DALI Epicon 6 (pair) £8499


Epicon 2 DALI Speakers                           


Using the same technology as the Epicon 6, these stand-mounts are as stunning as the 6’s – an unbelievably convincing soundstage with articulate detail and imaging, these make other speakers sound compressed !   Open up your dynamic range with a pair of Epicon 2’s …….

DALI Epicon 2 (pair) £4299

Epicon Floor Stands £599

Click Here for the Epicon 5.1 system review at HiFi Cinema



The DALI Opticon range

Although being launched at the same time as the Ikon range are phased out, this is by no means a simple upgrade of the Ikon.  Designed from scratch with DALI’s new soft magnetic compound material in the drive units, new hybrid tweeter modules and gorgeous new cabinets, these are a very significant step in performance.  Well controlled, superbly detailed and very involving to listen to.

Opticon family in gloss black

common to all but the 1s and 2s in the Opticon speakers are the dual soft dome / ribbon tweeter which gives a fast attack to the treble without the harshness of a hard dome This has become a hallmark of DALI’s and we think works extremely well.

Opticon 1 Mk 2 small bookshelf (pair) £599
Opticon 2 Mk2 large bookshelf (pair) £899
Opticon 6 Mk2 medium floorstander (pair) £1499
Opticon 8 Mk 2 large floorstander (pair) £2599
Opticon Vokal Mk2 Centre speaker (each) £549
Opticon LCR Mk2  on-walls (each) £599

DALI Sub Woofers

DALI have moved away from having subwoofers associated with each range of speakers, as they found Dealers were for example using the Ikon Subwoofer with the Mentor Speaker package. Instead the new range of sub woofers go by size of drive unit, and aims to provide a range of solutions for different sized rooms systems and budgets:

Sub E-9F in black
DALI E-9F £429
sub E12F in walnut
DALI E-12F £549
DALI Sub P10DSS in black
DALI P-10-DSS £2,099
K14F sub in black
DALI K14-F sub £999