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Arcam designs and manufactures award winning Hi-fi and home cinema equipment from its base just outside Cambridge in the UK.

Arcam first began building sound reproduction equipment in 1972, whilst its founders were still science and engineering students at Cambridge University. The company’s products were originally branded “A & R Cambridge Ltd”. The “A & R” standing for “Amplification & Recording” reflecting the founders interests in these subjects.

Having examined many of the amplifiers that were commercially available at the time they were generally disappointed with what they found.The mass produced Japanese equipment compromised sound quality while some of the more specialist British and American designs, though sonically better, weren’t very reliable. At first the fledgling company sold its sound equipment to local enthusiasts, but soon the reputation of the company’s product offering spread further afield.

Today Arcam systems approach that of the highest end audiophile quality but at a fraction of the cost. We often ask ourselves “how do they do that ?” We have converted many customers, asking for mass-market Japanese electronics, to Arcam purely on its performance and value for money. They are one of the few manufacturers of surround amplifiers that sound competent and exciting when playing music as well as movies.

Arcam have 3 product ranges:

The FMJ series is a range of strikingly attractive components aimed at the buyer who demands superlative performance. These leading-edge products deliver a level of sound quality previously only available at much higher prices and take high fidelity and home cinema to a new level.

Arcam AVR 950

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The Solo series offers stylish, integrated lifestyle solutions for the discerning consumer looking for audiophile quality and ease of use. Click Here to link to our Arcam Solo and r-series page
Solo BarSolo Sub


The r-Series are a range of Portable and interface products designed for the Digital Age. They include their iPod Dock, a DAC and the r-Cube a Portable Battery powered HiFi.

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