Meet the Owners

Alan GornallAlan Gornall

Alan originally started Tascom International Ltd. many years ago supplying and installing Terrestrial and Satellite Communications. He diversified into Industrial Power Supplies, then founded HiFi Cinema out of a Passion for HiFi and Home Cinema after the communications industry bubble burst in the early 2000s. He’s brought his wealth of experience in engineering, business, high end HiFi (he even used to design loudspeakers) to bear on HiFi Cinema.

  • Small Business Management Guru
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Qualified Private Pilot
  • Certified HiFi nut



Bill White

Bill WhiteBill joined Alan, after he had been badgering him for some years to join forces – he helped Alan build his airplane (a Jabiru ST) in his garage over a period of two years, and together they thought if they could build an airplane, they could probably build a company together. Bill’s previous career has included Electronics Engineer with Plessey’s, Royal Navy Pilot and 9 years running a Technology Management and Marketing Consultancy. HiFi Cinema has been a passion since it’s inception and has grown from strength to strength.

  • Technology Marketing Consultant
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Qualified Private Pilot (and Paragliding nut)
  • Climber and Mountaineer
  • Film and HiFi enthusiast