Naim Special Offers

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Naim Special Offers

NAP500-DR Power Amplifier, Immaculate, Boxed

Second User Naim NAP500 power amplifier with NAPS500-DR power supply, 2 years old, latest spec. DR Power Supply, Boxed, with Burndy Leads and Powerline mains lead.  This amp is well looked after and was part of a Bi-Amped system.  Ask about Super lumina signal cables to go with it 🙂

Price New £21,999.00

Sold !


Second User NAP250-DR Power amplifiers.

We’re about to trade in a lovely pair of NAP250-DR Power amplifiers from the same customer (who was Bi-Amped), both immaculate and originally supplied by us with a known history.  Complete with accessories and original packaging.  One unit is 2 years old, the other 4 years old.  Can demonstrate if you visit the showroom.  Both are latest spec. and DR regulators from new.

Price New £4,099.00

2 Year old Unit  £ 3,099.00

4 Year old Unit £2,495.00

Save £1000 + !



Naim HDX-SSD streamer / Server, immaculate, recent service


This immaculate HDX comes complete with all packaging and accessories. Recently serviced by Naim, this is the SSD (Solid State Drive) variant, which enables the user to store music files on an external hard (or SSD) drive, rather than internally.  Solid State drives are very reliable and don’t create noise and vibration inside the unit, so improve sound quality.

External drives are also very cheap and easy to upgrade if you need a bigger capacity.  Rip and store your CD collection using the built in CD drive in bit-perfect WAV or FLAC formats, and download 24bit Studio Masters from the internet, and play them back in superb Naim quality.

This Unit £1500.00

Second User Naim Supernait 3

Immaculate unit – virtually brand new. In our opinion one of the best integrated amplifiers you can get!


This unit is boxed with all original accessories. It has literally been used for 24 hours due to extremely unfortunate circumstances befalling our customer.




Price new £3499.00

This unit £2999.00