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Naim Special Offers

ND555 with NAPS555-DR Power supply – Ex Demonstration

These are our showroom Demonstrators you will be familiar with if you’ve visited !  Low hours use, extremely capable and particularly great sounding combination.  Immaculate condition and complete with original boxes and accessories / burndy leads / remote control (unused)…….

Price New £20,999.00

This pair £15749.00

Save £5250.00 !

ND555 Flagship Network streamer – immaculate 1 Owner

Immaculate Naim ND555 network streamer, fully boxed with all accessories including 2 Burndy Leads,  this unit sounds jaw dropping and is only just over a year old.  Just nicely run in !

Price New £13,500.00

This Unit £9950.00

Save £3550.00 !


NAPS555-DR Power Supply – Immaculate 1 Owner

Naim NA555PS

The ideal (and only !) power supply for the ND555 streamer above (but can also power other source devices such as CD555, NDX-2 etc.) This unit is immaculate, boxed, and comes with a power line mains lead.  This one has the 500 series case finish to match the ND555 and 552 pre-amp.

Price New £7,499.00

This Unit £5249.00

Save £2250.00 !

XPS-DR Power Supply, Boxed, Demonstration Unit

Ex-Demo Naim XPS-DR Power Supply, November 2019, latest spec. DR Power Supply, Boxed, with Powerline-Lite mains lead. Warranty….

Price New £4199.00

This Unit £3149.00

Save £1050.00 !


NAC552 Pre-amplifier and 552-DR Power Supply

Naim NAC552

Our Ex-Demonstration NAC552 hasn’t been fired up much since we got our Statement amplifiers, so its immaculate, little used, and complete with boxes, accessories and a Powerline mains lead.

Previously Naim’s best ever pre-amp (before Statement !) this one sounds particularly good in is a worthwhile investment.

Price New £21,099.00

This Unit £15,499.00

Sold !

Supernait-3 Ex-Demonstration, Immaculate, Boxed


Our Demonstration Supernait 3 has been wowing customers for nearly a year now, and we’re offering it here at a reduced price for one lucky owner !  It sounds stunning with its DR regulator technology and pushes well above its weight.  Immaculate condition with original boxes and accessories. Manufactured in August 2020.

Price New £3,499.00

This Unit £2799.00

Sold !



Naim Uniti Atom, demonstration unit, immaculate, boxed.

Our much loved Uniti Atom is up for grabs, these are very sought after especially in immaculate condition – you wont find a better one.

All original packaging and accessories included with a Powerline Lite mains lead.  Manufactured July 2020.

Naim Uniti Atom


Price New £2,399.00

Sold !


Naim NS-01 Server / Streamer all in one unit


Originally part of the Naimnet group of products, this little known about unit is an excellent way of owning an audiophile streamer and storage device (server) for a very low cost.  With its upgraded internal 2Tb hard drive you can rip and store your CDs and downloads (Even 24 bit studio masters) and play them back in superb audiophile quality from the same unit.  It can also act as a network server for other Naim streaming products.  Control and playback is via the Naim n-serve app.   Comes Boxed with accessories, excellent condition.

This Unit £699.00




Naim Super Lumina Speaker cables

Naim Super Lumina speaker cable

We have a couple of sets of second user Naim Super Lumina speaker cables for sale: 2x4m and 2x6m lengths.  in their original boxes.

2x4m Naim Super Lumina Speaker cable second user = SOLD !     normal price £2716

2x6m Naim Super Lumina Speaker cable second user = £2499     normal price £4074


Naim Super Lumina DIN – XLR lead

Add some magic to your NAP250 power amp with this 4-pin DIN to XLR stereo Super Lumina Cable, you’ll be astonished at the difference !

Price New £1,729.00

This Unit £995.00

Save £734.00 !