Ex Demonstration and Used HiFi For Sale

Akurate LP12Here is a quick overview of our Ex-Demonstration and used HiFi. These are all listed separately under the various brand special offers, however here’s a quick list to help you find something you’re interested in with links to the appropriate pages for more information.


Ex Demonstration HiFi / AV Equipment

All of the Ex-Demonstration equipment are in as-new condition unless otherwise mentioned. They all have the complete set of original packaging, manuals and accessories, unless noted otherwise.


DALI Rubicon Vokal centre speaker, Gloss Black, Immaculate, boxed, accessories                 £879.00           rubicon-vokal-black-finish

Naim NAC-N272 – Ex demonstration unit Immaculate, boxed with accessories                       Sold !           NAC-N272 front

Piega T Micro 60 AMT loudspeakers in black, Ex-Demo, Immaculate, Boxed                          £899.00         piega-tmicro-60-amt-black-399x325


Revel B112 1000W subwoofer in gloss black, immaculate, boxed, enormously powerful !     £2100.00       Revel performa3 B112

Sony VPL-VW760ES 4K Laser Projector Ex demonstration unit Immaculate condition       £10,999.00  Sony VPL-VW760ES


Technics SU-G30EB-S Network Streamer / Amplifier, Ex-Demo, immaculate                       £1499.00    u-g30_3-front


Technics SU-G700E-S Integrated amplifier, Ex-Demo, Immaculate                                        £995.00           SU-G700g-450x450

Loewe Bild 5.55 OLED TV – ex demo with box and all accessories. Used very little – right up there with the best of the best TVs

                                                                                                                                                                                    £1995.00  Loewe Bild 5.55


Loewe Bild 5.32 LED TV – ex demo, wioth box and all accessories. Used very little.                              £799.00    loewe-bild-5.32

Podspeakers Minipod Mk IV book-shelf monitors immaculate ex-demo pair                                           £299.00  New Gen Minipod red3

Podspeakers Minipod Bluetooth Active Speaker (with passive partner) Immaculate ex demo pair   £399.00 MiniPod BT black stareo pair


Linn Klimax LP12 – immaculate ex-demo unit: Keel, Kandid, Radikal (machined), Urika/1)             £13,250.00  LP12 ex demo Light Oak


Brand New Podspeakers Stock Clearance

We’re having a clearout of our stockroom and we want to reduce our stock of Podspeakers (Formerly Scandyna), so there are some genuine bargains to be had here.  We just need the space !!

Podspeakers Minipod MkIV brand new in Matt Red, White or Black. Stock Clearance, Latest Spec.                    £ 239.00  New Gen Minipod White

Podspeakers The Drop MkIII brand new in Matt Red, White or Black, Stock Clearance, latest spec.                        £ 167.00 Drop-White-Set

Podspeakers Minipod Bluetooth MkII brand new in Matt Red, White or Black, Stock clearance, Latest spec.         £ 229.00  MiniPod BT black front

Podspeakers Micropod Bluetooth MkII brand new in Matt Red, White or Black, stock clearance, latest spec.         £ 119.00  MicroPod_White_front-medium-450x450

Podspeakers Bigpod MkIII brand New in Matt Red, White or Black, stock clearance, latest spec.                                £ 319.00       New-Gen-Bigpod-White-100x100

Podspeakers Micropod SE MkII brand new in Matt Red, White or Black, stock clearance, latest spec.                        £ 69.00        MicroPod_White_front-medium-450x450

Used HiFi

Used HiFi / Trade-in equipment has been checked over by us, verified as working, and we indicate in the description which accessories etc. come with it.



Naim NS-01 Server  Upgraded audio board, Latest spec. 2Tb, recent service                                     £ 875.00  Naim NS01

Naim UnitiServe Late 2015, 2Tb boxed – nice traded in unit                                                                   £ 795.00       unitiserve.jpg


Oppo BDP-103 excellent condition with original box, remote & power cable                                     £375.00   BDP-103EU_456

JVC – DLA-RS55 projector – Great value projector excellent condition                                                   £1499    JVC-RS55E

Linn Akurate DS/0 superb condition great sounding streaming player with Dynamik PSU           £995.00AK DS0


Linn Akurate DS/2  silver – as new –  Katalyst upgrade and 5 year warranty option                          £2495.00    Akurate-DS-Silver-Front-x1090

Linn Klimax DS/1 – Silver – Immaculate, boxed / Katalyst upgrade and 5 year warranty option   £3995.00   Klimax DS

Naim NDX streaming player, immaculate condition, boxed Late 2016 model                                  £1849.00        _DSC0346

Naim N-DAC D to A converter, immaculate, boxed, 2011 model                                                          £995.00          _DSC0344

Naim NAP500 Power Amplifier with PSU – Immaculate, boxed, 2012 Model                                  Sold !             nap500_2

Linn Klimax LP12 – immaculate, with Ekos SE, Kandid, Keel, Radikal PSU and all packaging        £8995.00 ono   LP12 light Oak

Linn Akurate 2200 Power Amplifier – Boxed with accessories                                                £1750.00            Akurate 2200 Power Amp

Linn Magik DSM – excellent condition, Boxed with accessories                                           £1,100.00 ono   Majik DSM 0

Linn Akurate DS/0 great condition with packaging and accessories                                  £1,250.00 ono    Akurate DS 0

Linn Majik-i integrated Amplifier – boxed with accessories                                                  £750.00 ono       Linn Majik-i Integrated Amplifier

Linn Akurate DAB/FM Tuner – Boxed with accessories                                                             £399.00              Linn Akurate Tuner AM / FM / DAB

Oppo BDP-95 multi-region player – superb condition with all accessories (not original box)  £399.00 ono Oppo BDP-95

Naim NAC-N272 streaming Pre-amplifier. Excellent condition with original box                    £1,750.00 ono  Naim NAC-N272


DALI Epicon 2 Bookshelf speakers in Ruby Macassar with stands – look & sound superb         £2,499.00    Epicon2a


Paradigm S2 V3 Bookshelf speakers in gloss black with stands – immaculate condition                              £1,200.00     Paradigm S2

Martin Logan Ascent Hybrid Electrostatics – good condition, but no boxes hence price                 £750.00 ono 

Martin Logan SL3 Hybrid Electrostatic loudspeakers – good condition, boxed.                                          £900.00   Martin Logan SL3

DALI Zensor Vokal centre channel speaker – great condition, though unboxed                                          £150.00  ZensorVocal-02

DALI Mentor 8 speakers – great condition (+ brand new grilles) sounding superb though unboxed         £1,200.00 ono  Mentor 8a

DALI Mentor Vokal centre channel speaker – holes from fixings on the top but otherwise excellent (unboxed)  £350.00  MENTOR_VOKAL_1_17012011 copy

Paradigm S8 floorstanding loudspeakers – excellent condition (accessories, but no boxes)                                            £3,200.00  Paradigm S8 front