It is all very well having sophisticated technology around your home, delivering music and TV to every room at the touch of a button. However if you touch the button and nothing happens, or something strange happens, because a crucial piece of technology has broken, what do you do?


iphone home cinema control


The Manufacturers warranties will usually cover the repair of the basic device, for a year or two after the purchase, however it won’t usually cover removing the equipment and re-installing it, and certainly won’t cover re-programming it, or adjusting other equipment to cope with a replacement if it isn’t identical. In these days of interconnected systems, it is sometimes difficult to fault find to even see which device has gone wrong.

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This is where our extended Support and Warranties come in – you have complete peace of mind, that whatever breaks in the system, we are able to fix it or replace it, and have the system back and working again with minimum fuss and hassle.

If there is any re-programming or re-designing to do to get the system working again, we just sort it out for you.

The annual cost of an extended warranty / support package is calculated as a small percentage of the whole system price, and is for a fixed term, usually 5 years, with extensions by agreement.

The Extended Warranty covers system and individual item breakdown, and failures, but does not cover accidental damage or misuse. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Bronze package – designed to supplement regular manufacturer warranty with on-site and system support
  • Silver package – extends manufacturer warranties for 5 years with on-site and system support
  • Gold package – As for Silver, but includes Network monitoring for remote diagnostics and support. This enables us in many cases to solve issues very quickly