Naim Statement

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Naim Statement

Naim Statement is an all-out no-compromise Stereo Amplifier System and is crafted for pure musical performance. Statement is the pinnacle of Naim’s engineering knowledge and artistry, where they have put every effort into creating the perfect system. The ground-breaking series comprises the NAC S1 Pre-amplifier and the NAP S1 Monobloc amplifiers which come in left/right pairs. The idea for an entirely new kind of amplifier was first conceived by Naim engineers over a decade ago and development began in earnest in 2011. The objective was to set a new reference standard in high-end audio and music reproduction. The result is Statement. Three years of relentless questioning, iterative design and a point blank refusal to accept no as an answer.

We think the combination of the NAC S1 and two NAP S1s is quite simply the best amplifier system in the world.  At  £204,997 and nearly 300Kg for the system, you would expect so ! Naim have enjoyed responding to the challenge of bringing customers closer to the music, and the Ultimate expression of this is the Statement system, so it is our pleasure and privilege to be able to demonstrate it in our showroom.

Naim Statement in our Showroom

Naim Statement Amplifiers – listen to them here

At HiFi Cinema, we have made a significant investment in the full Naim Statement system, and are extremely proud to have it on demonstration in our showroom. We are one of very few dealers in the UK with a full Statement System constantly available for demonstration. Add to this our BS EN ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, the fact that we are a “Low Carbon” workplace, and run entirely electric vehicles, we like to think we go the extra mile and are a bit different!   Why not book a demonstration and come and visit us for the experience of a lifetime ?

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We will install the system in your home for the perfect, most enjoyable experience, and are on-hand for service backup with a wealth of expertise in system installation and setup. With over 30 years experience with Naim Systems, we appreciate what makes Statement so special. Of course, an amplifier can only sound as good as the source you’re feeding it with, so we specialise in both analogue sources, and digital streaming players too.  We can recommend key source components for the ultimate “live” 3-dimensional soundstage.  Pair the Naim Statement system with some Focal Utopia speakers for the most sublime musical experience you’re ever likely to hear.

Full Naim Statement system on Demonstration

The full Naim Statement system has been installed in our showroom for several years now (see the photo above), and it has firmly bedded in, both in terms of the sound reaching its best, and also in our hearts. We are able to integrate it into our main Cinema system so that the Naim Statement Amplifiers drive the main stereo speakers as the front left and right speakers of the Dolby Atmos Cinema system. You really can have the best of both High-End Stereo systems and Home Cinema, and this really is the most sublime system we have heard and are delighted to be able to show it off at its best.

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Naim Statement

Naim Statement Installation by HiFi Cinema Ltd. Naim Statement / Focal Maestro Utopia installed by HiFi Cinema Ltd. Naim Statement Installed by HiFi Cinema Ltd.

Product Specification


Audio Inputs
Analogue Input 1 x XLR (each)
Audio Outputs
Audio Outputs Binding posts for spade & 4mm banana
Power Output 746W into 8 ohms, 1450W into 4 ohms, 9kW burst power into 1 ohm
Weight 101kg (each)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 940 x 256 x 383mm (each)



Audio Inputs
Analogue Input 3 X DIN, 3 X RCA, 2 X Balanced
Audio Outputs
Audio Outputs 1 X Balanced, 2 X Unbalanced (4 pin DIN sockets)
Weight 61.5kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 940 x 270 x 412mm (width includes stabiliser)