Example Music System Pricing



We have created some worked examples of systems where we have matched components we know work well tegether, and split these into Bronze, Silver and Gold standards. We go through the manuafacturers we know and pick the best from each to put together solutions that will astound you:

Introduction to Quality Audio Streaming

Intro to Digital Streaming SystemThis system sets the bar high using the Bluesound PowerNode and a pair of the DALI Opticon 6 loudspeakers. The PowerNode integrated digital streaming player is a hugely capable but tiny streaming player, pre-amp and power amp all in one box. All it needs is connecting to a home data network and a phone, tablet or laptop to control it, and you’re ready to go. We’ll include a high quality pair of speaker cables, so you’re all set.

This is an introduction into the world of minimal but seriously high performing HiFi, with  80W of output power. It is all about being at the top of the Performance / price curve, and excellent value for money at £2,349



 The Bronze Standard Digital Streaming System

Bronze Audio System
With Linn’s Magik DSM streaming player, DALI’s Opticon 6 loudspeakers, and a high performance Melco Music Server, this is firmly in the land of High performance HiFi. Capable of playing studio master quality high resolution audio, and with Linn’s Space Optimisation system, it lets you hear the music, not the HiFi. The source components are key to a great sounding HiFi, and the Magik DSM streams music from the server in the highest quality possible – even if you’re streaming from the Internet, going via the server improves the sound quality.

The system just needs to plug into your Home Data Network, and to use your phone, tablet or laptop for simple control.

Prices from £6523





Silver Stereo systemThe Silver Standard Digital Streaming System

This Silver Standard system steps the performance up significantly, and is firmly into the territory of what has historically been audiophile quality. With a 3D soundstage, superb detail and power, this system is sure to impress.

This is a ready-to-go package with all you need to enjoy sensational music reproduction. If you have an internet connection this enables a host of other features including access to TIDAL streaming services and Internet Radio.

The package includes Linn’ Space Optimisation system for the best of all possible playback in your room, and full installation.

Prices from £17,140



 The Gold Standard  – truly a high-end performance system


Gold Standard Audio systemThe Gold Standard represents a step into ultimate no-holds barred performance. In the past, people would experiment and tweak systems over years to reach this level, however with a careful choice of equipment, we can open the door into this world and you can step straight in. You have to experience it to understand what we are talking about, and we have some ultimate performance systems in our showroom to demonstrate it. We’ve picked some of the best from each of our favourite manufacturers, with streaming player from Linn, Amplifiers from Naim, and speakers from DALI or Focal. Some people say that to get the best system you have to stick to one manufacturer who has integrated everything carefully. Whilst this may be so in some instances, we think that there are few if any manufacturers who are really good at every type of equipment. This being so, the trade off is between integration and performance. To our mind, having the best of each type of equipment, out-performs close integration between them. We have chosen a selection here that gives outstanding results, picking the best of the best.

This sumptuous system will not just impress, but blow your socks off! At this level of system, you want a combination of superb performance, ease of use and flexibility of installation. This has it all, with Linn’s superb Space Optimisation system, the room need no longer be a defining factor in the equation, and the speakers can be placed where you want them. We’ll come and set the system up with everything you need to get going, and carefully go through the process of Space Optimising your room, for the best sound possible.


Prices from around £68,000

Sky’s the limit system?  – see our Naim Statement page – This stereo amplifier is one of the best you can possibly get. A system including suitable speakers, cables and streaming player, will set you back £290,000.