T+A logoSome manufacturers come to our attention because of our search for better and better sounding equipment, and T+A is one of these.

We were looking for a high end CD player to replace the Naim CD555, which is no longer manufactured, and were drawn to the T+A  PDP3000HV


T+A     PDP3000HV

Front view of T+A PDP3000HV SACD playerThe DSD/PCM Player

The PDP 3000 HV is the most sophisticated player in the HV series, and has been developed specifically to reproduce high-resolution audio data without any trace of compromise. For this reason T+A have equipped the machine with a uniquely superior disc mechanism which reads CD and SACD media perfectly, and transfers their data to its superb PCM and DSD converters. To convert PSM data T+A are using their superb Double-Differential Quadrupel Converter and for the conversion of DSD data up to DSD 512 T+A have even developed a new technology: the unique T+A True 1-bit DSD Converter, a genuine analogue single bit converter. Since this unique converter concept is ideal for use with external sources, T+A have also designed the PDP 3000 HV to operate as a DAC, featuring seven digital inputs! This technology is unparalleled on the world market and explains the huge number of excellent reviews for their DPD 3000 HV.

Back panel view of T+A PDP3000HV SACD PlayerThis machine simply has to be heard to be believed We’ve given it a try as a straight forward CD player, and it astounds, being really comparable to the latest in Linn Klimax DSM streaming playback. It’s probably the best sounding CD player we’ve ever heard!

We then tried it with a Melco Music Server driving the USB DAC input, and this was in a league of it’s own, bringing the delicacy and focus with an immediacy and warmth that felt smooth and analogue. There was no hint of shouty “digital” stuff going on, and we were hooked!

If you’re looking for a seriously high performance player / DAC combination, this is the one for you.