Short-circuit the decision process with our carefully selected high performance Home Cinema packages:


Bronze Cinema PackageBronze Home Cinema Pricing

Couple a good projector and screen to a HiFi AV amplifier with some decent speakers, and you have the basis of one of our Home cinema packages. This system represents our entry level system, and is suitable for rooms below about 25 square meters in size. This system provides high performance for a modest price.

From £12,100  – See details here






Silver Home Cinema PricingSilver Home Cinema Package

The Silver system ups the Ante in terms of quality and performance. This is suitable for rooms up to about 25 square meters, and will give you the “WOW” factor with even the most challenging of source material.   From £34,000 – See details here




Gold Standard Cinema1

Gold Home Cinema Pricing

This system is stepping into the terrain of the seriously high performing cinema systems, using some of the best performing equipment for a spectacular result. These systems will typically produce a result far exceeding the quality you’d expect from most commercial cinemas, with the ability to play music with the quality the most discerning audiophile would be satisfied with.    System from £96,649.00 – See details here