Next Generation Podspeakers – Distributed by HiFi Cinema

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The new generation Podspeakers (formerly known as Scandyna from Denmark) are a completely redesigned range offering a sophisticated and genuine high-end audiophile sound.  Deserving of the best source devices, they will bring out a spectacular soundstage with stunning imagery, superbly controlled over the full frequency range and take full advantage of the Iconic non-resonant shape.

The Only thing that hasn’t changed is the shape !

With bang up to date Kevlar bass driver, new soft dome tweeter, new crossovers and electronics, and a return to the original (but improved) fibre – reinforced cabinet for extra weight, stiffness, and non-resonant characteristics.  In fact the only thing that hasn’t changed is the shape ! A proper audition is essential to appreciate how good these really sound – and we’re not impressed easily being a high end Linn and Naim Audio specialist.  We wrongly assumed these would be a slightly improved version of the old Scandyna designs, but once we heard them we realised this was a very serious proposition, our enthusiasm was instantly fired up and we think yours will be too ! They work particularly well with our Multi-Room music systems from Sonos, Linn and Naim. A demonstration is a must – the audiophile sound quality will bring a big grin to your face ! They sound as lively and dynamic as they look.

Here’s just a small selection of photos to whet your appetite,  click Here to buy the full range from our webstore


Podspeakers miljo medium

Micropod SE MkII            Now available with Bluetooth too!



Podspeakers New Gen Minipod on desk

Minipod Mk IV


Podspeakers The Drop Mk3

The Drop Mk III


  Bigpod MkIII red Bigpod MkIII


mixandsmatch-1 Mix and Match finishes



Wall mounts and Accessories


Minipod Bluetooth MkII Minipod Bluetooth MkII