Podspeakers – The Next Generation is here !


Next Generation Podspeakers – from HiFi Cinema, Sole UK Distributor


The new generation Podspeakers are a completely redesigned range offering a sophisticated and genuine high-end audiophile sound.  Deserving of the best source devices, they will bring out a spectacular soundstage with stunning imagery, superbly controlled over the full frequency range and take full advantage of the Iconic non-resonant shape.

And if you thought that wasn’t enough, the new PodSpeakers App pairs with the StreamPod or MicroPod Air via WiFi or Bluetooth, making them portable and convenient.

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Podspeakers Micropod


Podspeakers Micropod SE Mk2 Classic

These passive MicroPods have got back their classic look with their yellow Kevlar drive units. Plug into an amplifier or active speaker and they’re ready to go – you could even try the new StreamPod to upgrade your speakers to have WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities.



Podspeakers New Gen Minipod on desk

Podspeakers Minipod Mk 4

The MiniPod Mk4 is an excellent speaker with numerous uses such as bookshelf speakers or even in a 5.1 sound system. The MiniPod Bluetooth Mk 2 is the same as the MiniPod Mk 4 but is an active speaker with Bluetooth.


Podspeakers The Drop Mk3

The Drop Mk 3

All the benefits of the MiniPod but they have a stylish drop shape that can stand on a table or hang from the ceiling.


  Podspeakers Bigpod MkIII red

Bigpod Mk 3

The BigPod Mk 3 embodies the MiniPod but, like the name suggests, is bigger!


mixandsmatch podspeakers

Mix and Match finishes


Podspeakers lifestyle