For the first time in Naim’s history (almost 50 years) we are delighted to reveal the Solstice record Deck.  Aptly launched on the 21st June 2021, this is a (forgive the pun) revolutionary new approach to high end vinyl spinners.

Solstice is uniquely available as part of a Special Edition collection, along with a next-generation version of Naim’s iconic Aro tonearm, Equinox moving-coil cartridge, Solstice Series Phono Stage, Solstice Series Power Supply and a bespoke accessories pack. An exclusive commemorative hardback book and unique Naim Records album completes this deluxe set. Limited to just 500 units, the Solstice Special Edition is a true collector’s item.

HiFi Cinema are proud to say we’ll be demonstrating Solstice at the end of July when the first demonstration models arrive during an open evening, using Statement Amplifiers and Focal Utopia speakers.  Put Thursday 29th July in your diary !

Solstice Record Deck
A timeless Naim design

Naim products aim to be both timeless and contemporary. Their designs eschew unnecessary visual adornment that do not serve performance goals. Solstice Record Deck design is functionally coherent, encourages use, sharp – almost brutalist – and wears its innovative materials and design solutions with pride.


A legacy that lives on

Naim’s founder, Julian Vereker often considered a Naim-designed turntable. Tragically, he never realised his plans before his untimely death in 2000. However, his legacy lives on with this project and the team behind Solstice Special Edition.


From then to now

Even after the arrival of CD in the 1980s, Naim continued to champion vinyl, producing the iconic ARO tone arm in 1989. Aro has always set a benchmark in terms of delivering incredibly natural, organic and lifelike musical performances. It design allows the cartridge to extract enormous amounts of the information from the grooves of a vinyl record, but with an incredible sense of flow and correctness to the resulting sound.

Solstice Record Deck
High quality materials for improved performance

Updating Aro for Solstice Special Edition involved retaining the original’s design principles and excellence, but boosting performance further still by using improved materials – including tungsten and carbon-fibre – and adding an all-new, no compromise bias, arm height and azimuth adjustments.


Engineered with Swiss-watch precision

The Equinox cartridge’s Moving Coil (MC) inner assembly sits in a solid aluminium housing machined from a single billet. A raked silver polished chamfer passes over the black cartridge edges, simultaneously communicating the unseen facets of the diamond stylus and giving a nod to heritage Naim ‘chrome bumper’ designs.


Solstice Record Deck
Phono Stage NVC TT

With the goal of making a glorious-sounding phono stage that was also easy and flexible to use, Naim referenced previous designs such as SuperLine, but also the pinnacle of Naim engineering: their Statement amplifier. The Solstice Series Phono Stage is the first to feature the Discrete Regulators developed for that flagship.

Unique know-how

Led by Technical Director (Electronics), Steve Sells, Naim’s expert engineers designed simple but elegant circuits, fed by Naim’s acclaimed high-performance DR tech, which provides the smooth, stable power supply that’s vital for next-level performance. The production technicians then take premium components and fanatically measure, select and match them for ultimate accuracy.


Power Supply NPX TT

The Solstice Series Power Supply is a bespoke design that powers both the turntable and the phono stage. For the ultimate performance, these two different power supplies are completely isolated, with no risk of interference.


Precision engineered by Naim and Clearaudio

While the Solstice Series NVC TT phono stage and NPX TT power supply are hand-crafted in Salisbury, the NVS TT turntable, ARO arm and Equinox cartridge are exactingly manufactured to Naim’s unique design by Clearaudio.

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