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Naim Audio’s second generation NDX-2 music streamer, ND5-XS-2 and the jaw dropping ND555 reference player!

 We are currently taking orders for these fabulous second generation Naim streamers for delivery around the end of August.  With a totally new streaming platform, new layout, new power supplies, these fabulous players not only sound stunning, but have a host of new connectivity features.

We’re really excited about the ND555 / 555DR power supply which could possibly be the best digital source we’ve ever heard – or is it ?.   Call us for more details !

ND555 reference music streamer(inc PSU) £24,999
NDX-2 music streamer £5,499
ND5-XS-2 music streamer £2,499

What HiFi | ND555 |  Best Music Streamer 2019

“Naim’s range-topping streamer was never going to be cheap, but it is difficult to escape the fact that the ND555/ 555 PS DR comes with a £20k price tag. Yet, having used it for a number of months, we can honestly say we haven’t come across a better digital streaming source. We rate the ND555/555PS combination so highly it’s become a vital part of our reference set-up – and we can’t give it a better recommendation than that.”

Hi-Fi News | ND 555 | Outstanding Product

“The ND 555 is remarkable in not just matching the best ‘physical media’ players but bettering most – and by some margin. The now-discontinued NDS was excellent, but the ND 555 betters it in sheer involvement and detail.”

Hi-Fi News | ND5 XS 2 | Highly Commended

“I cannot recall a digital player of such build quality and performance where transparency and detail, image depth and stage width is so clearly state of the art, and one which is allied to a highly extended and natural subjective frequency response.”

Stereophile | ND5 XS 2 | Review

“The ND5 XS 2 impresses me as a good-sounding, pleasant-to-use player that offers very good value for the money…Glowingly recommended”


Naim Audio Supernait-3

The Award winning Supernait gets another upgrade and becomes the Supernait-3. This is now available to listen to in our showroom now and certainly does not dissappoint! A terriffic sense of scale and soundstage is out of proportion to this simple box. There’s no need to go to separates when an integrated amp is this good!

Naim Supernait 2Supernait2 5stars

This letter from our customer to Paul Stevenson (then MD of Naim in relation to the Supernait-2) says it all:

Dear Paul

Alan Gornall of HiFi Cinema kindly gave me your email address.

A few weeks ago my Supernait amp needed to be serviced and, co-incidentally on the same day that I took the amp to HiFi Cinema, Alan had received from you his new Supernait 2, which he was happy to loan to me.

When I plugged the Supernait 2 into the system and switched it on for the first time I was immediately struck with the massive improvement in the sound quality and definition of the soundstage – absolutely remarkable!

A week later I collected my Supernait and joked with Alan that I was “about to be disappointed” – how true that remark turned out to be. The Supernait has been a very good amp but it pales into insignificance when put up against your new generation Supernait 2. It was a very easy decision to upgrade!

I have been a proud owner of my Supernait 2 for some 4 weeks and it is a pleasure to note how the sound continues to improve giving more depth and warmth, enriching the mid and upper ranges, to produce an amazing soundstage to listen to, and at any time of the day.

Last night I invited a few of my music group friends round, who were familiar with my Supernait sound, to get their honest thoughts on the Supernait 2 performance. .

Here are a few of their comments;

  • “I heard sounds on Simon and Garfunkel’s Scarborough Fair I have never heard before”
  • “ The mid range is so much improved”
  • “It felt like the orchestra was playing in front of me in the living room”
  • “Listening is so easy and enjoyable”

At the end of the evening when we had listened to a diverse range of sounds, instruments, bands and performers, the unanimous conclusion was that the sound of my music system had made a quantum move forward – Supernait 2 is a truly remarkable product!

Kind regards

Ken R.

Naim Supernait-3 £3,799

NAC-552 Pre-amp and Power supply


Probably the best pre-amplifier in the world – next to a Statement of course !…

Naim have pulled no punches when it comes to Audio Quality. The PCBs are on a floating sub-chassis to eliminate vibrations affecting the audio quality.

Prior to us getting  the Statement S1, this was the heart of our reference system.  Come and hear it in action at our showroom!

Naim NAC-552 and 552PS.   Installed for £24,999

Naim Audio Power Amplifiers – now with DR !

nap250_front_1NAP-250 DR.  A Great Value Amplifier; Refined and powerful.

Bi-Amp your speakers with a pair of these, and there’s no going back! – depending on your speakers of course!

NAP250DR   £4,299

Naim NAP-500 with PSU

NAP300DR  £8,599

NAP500DR  £24,999

The NAP-500 DR is at the same time big and ballsy, with refinement and control. It produces a sense of scale and a huge soundstage, with plenty of excitement and really nothing of anything that you could complain about. Pair this amp with the best speakers you can, and the results are amazing – come and have a listen in our showroom to hear what we mean!

Without going full Statement, this amp has to be one of the best stereo power amplifiers out there.




Hi Alan,

Just to report that the hi-fi is sounding really nice after the bi-amp upgrade (NAP250 x 2), easily the best it’s ever been.

The sound is almost bouncy now – the music springs along.  Of course it could just be down to that magic fairy dust you sprinkle around the back of the rack when you visit customers…