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Announcement: Naim Solstice Launched on the 21st June !

We’ve been keeping this under wraps for some time now, but we’re delighted to announce the launch of Naim’s first ever Turntable package, Solstice. We will have one in our showroom from the end of July – watch this space!

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Naim Logo BWNaim Audio have been at the heart of the British HiFi scene for four decades and is a well respected manufacturer of world class audio systems. Their after sales backup is second to none, and they will still service your old Naim equipment that’s 20 years old just as long as the parts are still available.

Naim’s highest spec systems are utterly astonishing and without doubt amongst the best in the world, and their music streaming systems not only sound amazing but give you the convenience of i-Pad music selection from your armchair.

Quotes from Naim Audio:

A passionate and committed interest in music is the foundation stone of Naim Audio that has enabled us to design and manufacture what we believe to be the finest sounding range of audio equipment available in the world today

Founder Julian Vereker MBE (1945 – 2000)

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The Stunning Uniti Range

Naim Uniti CoreNaim Uniti StarNaim Uniti Atomnaim-uniti-nova

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“While all our products must meet and exceed many measurable parameters we believe that they should, above all, be capable of delivering the kind of musical performance that we ourselves would want to live with. This requires a special and unique approach to component selection and system design along with a highly specialised production environment.

    Naim ND555 Streaming player Naim NAP-250 Power Amplifier

“From the remarkable NAIT5-i integrated amplifier to reference products such as the NAC552 preamplifier, NAP500 power amplifier, and the ND555 music streamer, the same skills and design expertise have been applied. The result is the acceptance of these products by music lovers world-wide as having no equals in their respective classes.

We have always been cautious of market fashions and believe in being honest with our customers. Consistent top quality musical performance, safety and unsurpassed reliability are highly prized here in Salisbury. Naim users across the globe, including numerous musicians, are our most discerning critics.

They demand the very best and we have enjoyed responding to the challenge of bringing them closer to the music. From experience they know that Naim does not release a product unless it has something genuinely new to offer and integrates perfectly into our product range.”

We wholeheartedly agree!

Our Naim offerings include Multi Room Systems and the very best Audiophile Stereo HiFi Systems .


Come and listen to the Naim range in our specialist showrooms where you can spend quality time enjoying your favourite music over a coffee.