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HiFi Cinema – Melco Master DealerMelco Master Dealer

HiFi Cinema has been awarded Master Dealer status to recognise our outstanding product knowledge, demonstration facilities and stock. This enables us to understand your requirements, offer suitable solutions and demonstrate the unique capabilities of the Melco Server range. You will also have access to extended warranties which are not available from anywhere other than Melco Master dealers.  For the best possible advice on acquiring, storing and delivering your music, call us !

Melco have become synonymous with superb music servers, which bring streaming playback up to a new level altogether. Don’t just take our word for it though, visit our showroom and hear for yourself !  We haven’t found a music streamer or DAC that isn’t very significantly improved by using a Melco source, from a humble Sonos player to a mighty Klimax DS, or Naim ND555 music streamer.

Melco Music Servers

The world’s first audiophile grade source component to access, store, deliver and play HiRes Digital Music without the compromise of computer hardware and peripherals, was debuted by Melco Nov, 2014. Since then Melco’s uncompromised audio NAS components have been the talk of the awards. Regularly used by leading audio manufacturers to showcase their devices, they are the de-facto HiRes audio storage and player solution.

The NAS drive installed in a high-end digital streaming music system is firmly in the computer domain, however it turns out that the way it operates has an impact on the sound that comes out of the speakers. We originally thought that this area was parametrically isolated from the music, however, because of the way that network traffic splits data streams into packets, the packets can get re-ordered by other network traffic. This means the streaming player has to spend time and effort re-assembling them into the correct order again, and this can add significant jitter into the decoded data stream, affecting performance. We found this hard to believe, as we thought most decent streaming players went to extraordinary lengths to de-jitter the re-assembled data streams. The proof however, is in the playing, and sufficient enough for us to spend some significant money on updating our demonstration stock to include a range of Melco Servers.
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MELCO Product LineupMelco Master Dealer

Melco N1ZS40/2EX (£9,999)

  • Melco-N1Z-front-sq2TB x 1 SSD
  • Heavy brass non-magnetic SSD foundation
  • SSD is covered by a non-magnetic stainless shield cover
  • Dedicated Neutrik USB-DAC port
  • Dual Power Supplies
  • Capacitor bank with audio grade film capacitors
  • Silver/Black aluminium case
  • New processing logic ( precision slow data writing and accurate high speed data retrieval)
  • Self integrity check

More information and to buy the Melco N1ZS from our Webstore

Melco N10/2-H50 (£6,999) /  N10/2-S38 (£8,999)

  • Melco N10 Music Server2 box premium Music Server with Linear Power Supply
  • 5Tb on-board storage (HDD) or 3.8Tb SSD version
  • 1/2 width (215mm) wide units
  • New processing logic ( precision slow data writing and accurate high speed data retrieval)
  • Self integrity check
  • Read about it in this HiFi News Melco N102 S38 review

Melco N1Z-H50 (£4,999)

  • Melco N1Z Music Server1 x 5TB Small Form Factor HDD
  • Heavy brass non-magnetic HDD foundation
  • Dedicated Neutrik USB-DAC port
  • Dual Power Supplies
  • New capacitor bank with audio grade film capacitors
  • New silver/black aluminium case
  • New processing logic ( precision slow data writing and accurate high speed data retrieval)
  • Self integrity check

More information and to buy the Melco N1ZS from our Webstore

New – Melco N50-S38 (£4,999)

  • 3.84Tb SSD Storage
  • 1.7mm thick full-width chassis for better rigidity
  • Extra capacity dynamic power supply
  • Additional Mains filtering
  • 4 x dedicated USB 3.0 connections on the rear panel
  • Classic Melco styling

More information and to buy the Melco N50-S38 from our Webstore

Melco N1A/2EX H60 ( £2,749 )

  • Melco N1A Music Server2 x 3TB 3.5inch HDD
  • Floating HDD cradle
  • Dedicated USB-DAC port
  • New capacitor bank
  • Silver/black aluminium front panel with MELCO plate
  • Self integrity check

More information and to buy the Melco N1A from our webstore

Melco N100 (from £1,999)

  • Small Form Factor
  • 2Tb or 5Tb versions
  • Melco fine design & Layout
  • 3 x USB ports for USB DAC / Backup / Expansion

More information and to buy the Melco N100 2Tb version from our webstore

More information and to buy the Melco N100 5Tb version from our webstore

Melco D100 (£1,099)

  • Melco D100Audiophile Optical Disc Drive for N1 and PC for Audio
  • Support Optical Disc CD ( CD-DA disc read only ) DVD / BD ( DVD / BD data disc read only )
  • LCO branded circuit board is optimized
  • Artifully designed thick aluminum case

More Information and to buy the Melco D100 from our web store

Melco E100-H30 (£1,199)

  • Melco E100Audiophile Expansion Hard Disk Drive for N1 and PC for Audio
  • 3TB 3.5inch HDD
  • MELCO branded circuit board is optimized
  • Beautifully designed thick aluminum case


Melco S100B (£2,099)

Melco S100

Data switch designed specifically to get the best out of digital streaming Music.

  • 4 x 100Mb/s ports
  • 4 x 1Gb/s ports
  • 2 x SFP ports
  • Optimised for data integrity
  • Minimises Intrusive Data, Noise & damage to timing and packets

More Information and to buy the Melco S100 from our webstore

Melco S-10 Ultimate Data Switch (£4,999)

Building on the success of the understated S-100 switch, Melco have developed a no-compromise version with improved circuit design, solid steel chassis, better screening and filtering, and an all important separate (matching) linear power supply.  Like all Melco products, it defies logic and makes your streaming system sound better than ever !  Yes, it’s a lot of money for a switch, yes it’s worth every penny !  Let your ears be the judge !


Melco C1AE1 (from £69)

  • Melco C1AE Cat7 CableWide bandwidth Category 7 construction for low jitter
  • Precision 100 ohm balanced twisted data pairs for perfect transmission
  • Precision 100 ohm accurate and rigid mechanical
  • alignment connectors ensures stable performance without possibility of mechanical misalignment
  • Unbreakable latch for precise alignment
  • Individual screening of each data pair eliminates crosstalk
  • Gold plated data connectors and shield
  • 0.5 m(1.6 ft), 1.0 m(3.2 ft), 2.0 m(6.5 ft), 3.0 m(9.8 ft)

More Information and to buy the Melco C1AE1 from our web store

Melco ADOT MC01 (from £349 )


  • Fibre-Optic isolation
  • Gigabit Ethernet connection
  • Optical cables up to 50m
  • reduces noise into your HiFi from the network
  • works by magic!
For more information on the MC01 contact us, or see the ADMM website here
Melco  EX Comparison chartMelco EX Comparison chart
Melco EX Update prices:
Model Price
N1A & N1Z  £ 500.00
N1A/2 & N1Z/2  £ 350.00
“My Buffalo CD Drive has arrived and is up and running and starting the process to digitise my cd collection in combination with my Melco N1ZH60.
The sound through my Dali speakers is a truly excellent and hard to believe that what I thought was good using my Zone Ripper previously, just fades away with the listening results from the Melco.
I am very grateful to Alan at HiFi Cinema who invited me along to a listening test and was really informative about why your technology is so good in simple layman terms, and as a result, I  upgraded to my new sound system around the Melco.
Here’s to many hours of wonderful listening!
Kind regards
Another happy customer ! :
“When I asked you how the Melco play, and when you answered that it plays better than a 555 cd player nobody would believe it, but the way you told it, sounded like “this guy had a unique expérience” and you made me curious.
Today, I understood what you mean, I am just astonished, I just spend through my very well known cd’s I just ripped, those songs I know every note and every detail of those cd’s. But I was wrong, I was not hearing everything of it till I got the Melco.
I just discovered a new dimension of listening, much more detail, sooo much more more depth and precision, rapidity and still detailed, a perfection I could never believe that could come out from my speakers. every note, every finger, the  air in the guitar, it’s just incroyable….
The only time I ever heard a comparable detail was from a single ended 300B tube amplifier. but always lacking power.
But this combinaison with Melco, chord 2qute, supernait2,  brings the same detail with power and the punch get in the stomach when they kick the drum.
This is much more I expected. Even on very complex quick orchestra, the system just follows and reflects every detail of the crowd, instruments and … stuff, which even my ears are not used to hear yet…
Now I have to go to bed unfortunately, I am looking forward to listen more tomorrow.
I thank you again,    Besim”