Linn LP12 – Authorised Service Centre

Linn Products was established in 1972 by Ivor Tiefenbrun. Born in Glasgow, he was passionate about two things – engineering and listening to music. When he couldn’t buy a hi-fi good enough to satisfy his needs he decided to make one himself. Linn LP12In 1972 Linn introduced the Sondek LP12 turntable. The longest-lived hi-fi product still in production anywhere in the world, and still the benchmark by which all turntables are judged. The remarkable ability of the Sondek LP12 turntable to extract more music information from records led to the understanding that retrieving and protecting the source signal carefully was what mattered most. The Linn Sondek LP12 turntable revolutionised the hi-fi industry proving categorically that the source of the music is the most important component in the hi-fi chain. Today, Linn is a substantial independent precision engineering company based in Glasgow, Scotland, uniquely focused on the design, manufacture and sale of complete music systems for customers the world over who seek only the best.

We are an Authorised Service Centre for the Linn LP12

The Iconic LP12 was once the best source you could possibly get – even now it is hard to surpass at any price!

We  are able to bring even the oldest of LP12s from the 1970’s up to to contemporary standards, Bring in your LP12 for a free survey.

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We offer a standard service for £95 (replacement springs rubbers & bearing oil plus full calibration and setup).

Follow this link on how to pack your LP12 for Transport

Linn Majik LP12

Linn Magik LP12 in BlackThe Legendary LP12 is now available at an affordable price for those wishing to breathe new life into their LP collection. With the resurgence in new Vinyl available, the Majik LP12 offers extremely good value as a high end sound source with those special qualities that only a good analogue source can reveal.  Complete package with Sondek LP12 turntable with Majik internal power supply, New Majik Tonearm, Adikt cartridge and 45RPM adapter. Assembled, aligned and installed by HiFi Cinema.

Please note we do not sell these products online, so why not visit our showrooms for a demonstration ? Call us now on 0118 982 0402

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Adikt (MM) version professionally setup and installed for  £3,450

-with Revolution Power Supply for £3,750*

Koil (MC) version professionally setup and installed for £3, 675

-with revolution Power Supply for £3,975


Linn Selekt LP12

Selekt LP12

In line with Linn’s philosophy of 3 tiers of performance, the Selekt LP12 embodies a Kore Sub-chassis and arm board, Lingo4 power supply, Arko Tonearm and Kendo moving coil cartridge as well as a Trampolin2 base.  The Selekt LP12 is available with a choice of solid wood plinths: Black Ash, Cherry, Oak, Rosenut and Walnut .

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  Expertly Setup and installed in your home for   £10,570

Linn Klimax LP12

Klimax LP12 in light Oak

Some would say this is the still the best sound source for your home –  the legendary LP12.  With over 40 years of development behind it, few would disagree. Come and hear the best turntable ever made and be amazed at how good the best has just got.  If you own an earlier model, we can upgrade it for you to the latest spec. You’ll be amazed at the difference a standard service can make for just a few pounds, and we can advise the most cost effective upgrades to enhance the performance further.

Please note we do not sell this product online so why not visit our showrooms for a demonstration?

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This is the full spec. LP12 with Keel sub-chassis, Trampolin base, Ekos SE arm, Ekstatik cartridge and Radikal Power Supply and dc motor. Carefully assembled, set up by us and installed in your home for £20,525

(with Urika II phono stage = £23,300)              Add £330 for a personalised monograph on your Keel Sub-chassis

All the above turntables can be supplied with High Gloss finishes for an additional £330

LP12 Service and Upgrades

We have all the latest Jigs, test gear and alignment tools to extract every ounce of performance from your LP12.  There is no rocket science to aligning and setting up an LP12, however it definitely benefits from attention to detail. There are a myriad of tips and tricks that we have picked up servicing the Linn LP12 over the years. With highly qualified engineers and 30 years experience backed up by our BS EN ISO9001:2018 quality system, we like to think we’re amongst the best.

A Customer bought his 35 year old LP12 in for an upgrade, here’s what he has to say:

“I can’t recommend HiFi Cinema enough. Outstanding service, first class advice and technical know-how, and an incredible range of world class products.

Thanks again for everything.”


For all aspects of LP12 advice servicing and repairs, Call us now on 0118 982 0402

Standard Service including new springs, rubbers, bearing oil and full alignment = £95

Replacement Linn LP12 long life drive belt – buy it from our Webstore here £50


Linn LP12 Karousel Bearing Upgrade
Karousel Bearing (Fitted including standard service) £856


Trampolin 2 Base upgrade £194



Linn T-Kable
Linn T-Kable 1.2m = £365, 1.7m – £433 Available with Phono or XLR connectors
LP12 Cirkus bearing
Cirkus Bearing £350 (fitted including standard service – we only have a few of these left)



Linn LP12 Keel Sub-chassis
Keel Klimax level sub-chassis upgrade Machined from one piece solid Aluminium £3,030
Linn LP12 Kore Sub-chassis
Kore (Akurate Level Subchassis Upgrade) £912








Linn Arko Tonearm
Linn Arko Tonearm £3000


Linn LP12 Ekos SE Tonearm
Ekos SE tonearm £4,560





Linn LP12 Adikt Cartridge
Adikt moving magnet cartridge £574 Adikt Replacement stylus £294
Linn Koil MC Cartridge
Linn Koil MC Cartridge £800






Linn LP12 Krystal Cartridge
Krystal moving coil cartridge £1,400
Linn Kendo MC Cartridge
Linn Kendo MC Cartridge £2,800







Linn LP12 Kandid Cartridge
Linn Kandid moving coil cartridge £3,800
Linn LP12 Ekstatik Cartridge
Ekstatik – Flagship moving coil cartridge £5,500









Linn LP12 Radikal Power Supply

New Radikal External Power supply and dc motor £4,250

(£6,500 for the Klimax matching solid case version)

Linn LP12 Urika Phono Stage with Baseplate

Urika On-board phono stage (requires and is powered by Radikal) £2,910

Urika II On-board phono stage (requires and is powered by Radikal – Exakt link output) £3,140

Urika and Radikal package price when purchased together £6,065.00
(£8,000 for Klimax matching solid machined case version)

Radikal Performance Upgrade for Radikal/0 (new Motor, MCU and sensor)  £1,750

Linn LP12 New Lingo Power Supply

Linn LP12 New Lingo 2018 motor

Lingo 4 Power supply and new motor £1,650

  • The revolution Power supply from Vinyl Passion is a significant step up from the Linn Majik one – we believe similar in audio quality to the old Lingo 3, but at a fraction of the price.