Image Audio on wall loudspeakers

Image Audio loudspeakers


Loudspeakers don’t have to look like loudspeakers !  The Image audio speakers look like artwork hanging on your wall. With a range of pre-printed screens in colour or black and white, these make stunning fronts, rears or surround loudspeakers for your system.  We looked long and hard for a speaker like these that had to meet our minimum high standards for sound quality and performance.  Designed and built in the UK by a recording engineer, they have all the detail and resolution of a conventional HiFi speaker, but with the obvious improvement in the looks department ! These are speakers that will grace the wall of the most prestigious of dwellings as well as a small living room without causing offence visually or aurally.

Typical applications include high quality stereo music, 5.1 channel surround systems and high quality background music. We have used these in large barn conversions and small living rooms, and been delighted with the sound as well as the looks.


Image Audio IA8 Image Audio IA8 on wall loudspeaker

The most popular model. Large enough to give great full range response, yet still small enough to be a discrete picture on the wall. Measuring 622mm x 520mm x 110mm, these speakers perform superbly and blend into the background as wall art.






Image Audio IA5


Image Audio IA5 on wall loudspeaker

Baby cousin of the IA8 – smaller all round, yet still with a  great sound. Subtle decoration on the front screen surprises you when playing music. This is a speaker for those cases when you don’t want a speaker, but still want the HiFi performance.





Image Audio IAC centre channel speaker


Image Audio IAC Centre channel on wall loudspeaker.
The perfect compliment to the IA8 and IA 5. designed to sit on the wall as a centre channel speaker