Bang and Olufsen Play

A new series of products aimed at introducing people to the wold of Bang and Olufsen have been introduced. These are under the B&O Play banner and consist of Amplified Speakers, portable music and earphones/plugs:

B&O Play A8

BeoPlay_A8_White_2This versatile stereo player will take your iPod, MP3 player or computer to play your music. Connect directly, via a built-in dock, jack socket, or via Airplay over a network. The player can stand on it’s own, in a corner or hang on a wall, with adjustments to keep the music sounding great wherever it is placed.


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B&O Play A9

1200057_Beoplay_A9_white_Customizer_Front_Gray_BGThe B&O Play A9 is a free standing or wall hanging music player, crafted as a 2.1 system in a single unit with excellent clean lines. Volume can be controlled with a simple gesture around the circumference, and connections are provided via a wired or WiFi network for Airplay, or a local wired connection. The system can be configured for free-standing, corner mounted or wall hanging via a special bracket, so that your music sounds crisp and clear no matter where it is mounted.


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B&O Play Beolit 12

1290921_Beolit12_yellow_and_grey_488Though this looks like a transistor radio, and it contains a (rechargeable) battery, this is where the similarities stop. This is a fully portable airplay speaker. Connect your phone either directly (and it can charge your phone too) or via a wired or WiFi network, and play your music wherever you go. In four colours schemes to choose from, this is a neat wonder, and will give you non-stop music for up to 8hours.



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B&O Play A3

A3_black_white_710x490_jpg-v3If you like to watch movies on your iPad, then this is the device for you. It provides a 2.1 speaker system in a neat case, housing your iPod and automatically configuring the speakers for portrait or landscape modes. With up to 6 hours playing time, and the B&O sound quality, it makes for a much more enjoyable movie or music playback.

Available in black or white, it’ll enhance your iPad experience.


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B&O Play Earphones & Earset 3i

1641031Earphones_Yellow_1Light, comfort adjustable and with great sound quality, you can’t ask for much more for earphones. These stylish ones also come in a range of 5 different colours, to match your clothing, music player or mood!

The Earset 3i includes controls and microphone to plug into your iPhone. comes with 3 pairs of ear pads, carrying pouch and manual.




B&O Play Form 2 Headphones

1640415_Form2_Orange_2These simple and stylish on-ear headphones are just the job to relax in to your favourite music. Lightweight and stylish, they come in a choice of 5 colours, and a re bright and engaging